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    Why study in Hong Kong?

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    As an emerging student hub, Hong Kong welcomes all international students to come and study in Hong Kong. More than 30,123 international students are present in Hong Kong as per the data released by UNESCO. The country ranks 8th on the list of best student cities in the world.

    The country is known to provide world-class education to students as seen from the fact that the universities in Hong Kong rank among the top in QS World Rankings. Courses in most of the top universities in the country are taught enabling international students to understand the same without any hindrances. While the reasons to study in Hong Kong are plenty, some of them are mentioned below.

    Study in Hong Kong for International Students: Great Education Hub

    Universities in Hong Kong for international students offers them a wide array of courses and disciplines to choose from. Notwithstanding, these universities rank among the top in QS World and Times Higher Education ranking.

    • Universities in Hong Kong lay emphasis on research providing students with world-class education quality.
    • Hong Kong is one of the best student cities in the world.
    • The country is known for having 4 out of the top 10 universities in Asia
    • Hong Kong has 5 universities that rank under 100 best universities to study in the world
    • Universities in Hong Kong lay emphasis on imparting practical education to students drawing inspiration from the western education system.
    • 20% of the total government expenditure goes into education making the universities in Hong Kong (to be linked) stand apart from the rest.

    Best Universities in Hong Kong along With Their Rankings

    University Times Higher Education Ranking (2018) QS World Ranking (2018)
    The University of Hong Kong #36 #25
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong #55 #49
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology #46 #37
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University #173 #106
    City University of Hong Kong #110 #55
    Hong Kong Baptist University #401 #277

    Study in Hong Kong: Post-Study Options

    After completing their graduation in Hong Kong, international students can either go back to their home country or stay in Hong Kong and upgrade their skills. Choosing to stay in Hong Kong after study is definitely not a bad idea at all as the country has many favourable policies for students who wish to stay in Hong Kong.

    Further Study in Hong Kong

    Universities in Hong Kong offer international students a wide range of academic programmes if they wish to study further in the country. Requirements for admission (Link admission article) differ from university to university and students are recommended to go through all the requirements carefully before applying to a course.

    Certain things to keep in mind before applying for further study in Hong Kong are:

    • International students who have completed sub-degree programmes in Hong Kong can apply for top-up degrees provided by local public institutions as well as private ones.

    (Does not apply for students from Mainland of China)

    • International students having completed undergraduate programmes from Hong Kong can either opt for a postgraduate programme (taught) in Hong Kong or research at the public institutions in Hong Kong.
    • Students are advised to not miss any application deadline as they will not be given admission in the course of their choice upon missing the deadline

    Extension of Student Visa to Study in Hong Kong

    The duration of a visa to study in Hong Kong, depends entirely upon the duration of the course. If a student overstays in Hong Kong, if will be considered an offense under the immigration policies. A student is requested to leave the country within 4 weeks after the date of termination of study.

    • When to apply for extension: 1 month before the old visa expires
    • How long can you stay: 1 year
    • Visa processing time: 2-3 weeks

    Funding and Cost to Study in Hong Kong

    Cost of studying in Hong Kong varies from university to university, but to sum it up the tuition fees to study in Hong Kong ranges from USD 9,700 – USD 15,400 per semester. Hong Kong being a major metropolis is slightly on the higher side when it comes to costs of living for international students, but with scholarships to study in Hong Kong, these are reduced to a great extent.

    Scholarships to Study in Hong Kong

    Scholarship Who can apply? Value
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Scholarship Students from ASEAN countries, India and Korea USD 13,200/year
    Wong Man Kit Scholarship Students with GPA score of 3.0 USD 5,800/year
    Outstanding Performance Scholarship Students in full time sub-degree or bachelor’s degree USD 10,300/year
    The Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship Scheme Students pursuing Ph.D. in Hong Kong USD 30,00/year
    Belt and Road Scholarship Students from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Full tuition fee coverage
    Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship Students applying for postgraduate research USD 6,400/year

    Living in Hong Kong: Accommodation Options

    One great thing about studying in Hong Kong is the fact that the country gives all international students plenty of accommodation options. An international student will find it extremely easy to settle down in Hong Kong without facing any hassles when it comes to accommodation options.

    On-Campus Accommodation for International Students

    • Under institutions that get university grants, international students are given places to stay at least for 2 years.
    • In case of some universities, accommodation is given for the entire course of study.
    • Students need to apply for a single room if he wishes to stay in one. Else rooms are generally given to students on a sharing basis.
    • Fee for on campus living: USD 640 – USD 1915 (per semester)

    Off-Campus Accommodation for International Students

    • For students who are unable to find hostel accommodation, there are plenty of private rental accommodation facilities available.
    • Price range for living outside the campus: USD 1021 – USD 1900 (per month)
    • The price for living outside the campus in Hong Kong depends entirely upon the size of the place and the area that the student wishes to stay in.
    • Some universities in Hong Kong for international students provide them with information about off-campus living facilities.

    In a nutshell, the reasons to study in Hong Kong are plenty. With the country being an educational hub and different funding options for international students, Hong Kong should definitely be on the top of your list if you wish to study abroad.


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