Why Study Abroad in Italy?

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    | Updated On - Feb 18, 2022

    Among the European nations offering study abroad opportunities to international students, Italy is one of the most budget-friendly countries. The top universities in Italy take pride in their ranking and heritage. The country is also popular for being home to some of the top business schools in Europe. Currently more than 500 English taught programs in Italy are available for international students.

    The average cost of studying in Italy is around 900 Euro (~75,220 INR) for the undergraduate programs and 1000 Euro (~83,500 INR) for the graduate courses. The cost of living in Italy is around 12,000 Euro per annum (~10.03 lakh INR). To cover the cost of studying, several scholarships to study in Italy are offered to international students by the government and universities.

    Italy is home to nearly 90 universities with the majority being public funded. The country is the 3rd largest economy in Europe and the 8th largest economy in the world. The average salary after studying in Italy is 43,800 Euro per year. International students planning to work after studying in Italy are hired by companies like Sinergia, IBM, Piaggio, Ferrari, Enel, Atlantia and many more world-leading companies.

    Top Universities in Italy

    Around 30 among the 90 universities in Italy are featured in the QS World University Rankings. Some of the top universities in Italy and their national ranks in 2022 according to U.S. News and World report are listed below:

    U.S News Rankings 2022 University
    #1 University of Bologna
    #2 University of Padua
    #3 Sapienza University of Rome
    #4 University of Milan
    #5 University of Naples Federico II
    #6 University of Pisa
    #7 University of Turin
    #8 University of Trento
    #9 University of Florence
    #10 University of Genoa
    #11 University of Rome Tor Vergata
    #12 International School for Advanced Studies
    #12 University of Pavia
    #14 University of Milan - Bicocca
    #15 Polytechnic University of Milan
    #16 Scuola Normale Supiriore di Pisa
    #17 University of Perugia
    #18 Vita-Salute San Raffaele University
    #19 University of Bari
    #20 University of Siena

    MBA in Italy

    The top universities in Italy offer excellent English-taught MBA programs. These courses include global MBA, Executive MBA, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, Hybrid MBA, Part-time MBA and other programs. Some of the top universities offering MBA in Italy are tabulated below:

    University Fees in Euro
    SDA Bocconi School of Management 62,000
    Bologna Business School (BBS) 35,000 Euro
    MIP Politecnico di Milano 37,000
    Università di Pisa · University of Pisa 8,000
    MIB Trieste School of Management 25,000
    St. John's University - Rome Campus 1,320 per credit

    Student Life in Italy

    Italy is a welcoming country and assists incoming students in familiarizing with the culture. Italians are known to be open people and they teach to lead a cheerful life. Although English is not a common language in Italy except for educational purposes, international students can expect assistance from the natives.

    Cost of Studying in Italy

    The total expenses of studying in Italy is economical in comparison to most of the European countries. The cost of studying in Italy includes the tuition expenses, pre-arrival costs and cost of living.

    • The average cost of attendance in the public universities in Italy is 1,000 Euro (~83,500 INR) per annum. For an Indian student, this cost ranges around 83,000 INR.
    • Top universities may charge more than the average cost.
    • University of Rome Tor Vergata is an exceptional university with tuition fees tied to the financial situation of the applicant’s family. Students are charged from 150 Euro (~12,520 INR) up to 5,000 Euro (~4.17 lakh INR) per year based on their financial condition.
    • The cost of studying undergraduate programs in Italy is around 900 Euro (~75,220 INR).
    • The average living cost in Italy is roughly 12,000 Euro per annum (~10.02 lakh INR).

    Scholarships to Study in Italy

    For students from countries with low exchange rates, there are a plethora of scholarships in Italy. Some of the top scholarships for international students in Italy are listed below:

    Scholarships Eligibility Award Amount
    The Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students Masters: Maximum 28 years of agePhD: Maximum 30 years of age Academic merit and language proficiency of B2 level in CEFR Course Grant for 6 or 9 months
    Merit and Bocconi International Awards Top academic profiles considered among the admission applications for Bocconi University Full tuition and fee waiver worth 14,000 Euro per annum
    University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students Deserving candidates enrolled to the 1st, 2nd, or single cycle degree programs at the University of Bologna Study grants, fee waivers, free lodging and annual grants
    Politecnico International Scholarships International students at Masters level Scholarship and other benefits
    Scuola Normale Superiore Ph.D. Scholarships All enrolled PhD students Scholarship including accommodation grant and free meals at the campus

    Work Study Programs in Italy

    The Italian Government allows international students to work for a maximum of 20 hours in a week. Interns with an Italian student visa can work for a maximum of 4 hours in a day. Italian companies hire interns irrespective of personal profile and professional experience. These interns earn around 500-1000 Euro (~41,000-83,000 INR).

    Placements in Italy

    International students planning to settle in Italy after education get numerous employment opportunities in the country. However, for working in Italian companies, individuals need to strengthen their language skills in both English and Italian. Some of the greatest Italian companies include Enel, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Unicredit, Atlantia, Juventus Turin, Pirelli and many more. Some of the top employers in Italy and their average annual salaries are tabulated below:

    Company Average Salary in Euro
    Sinergia 140,000
    IBM 55,000
    Nuova Simonelli SPA 120,000
    Piaggio 100,000
    Intesa Sanpaolo 54,000
    UBI Banca 62,000

    Some of the highest paying sectors in Italy and the average salary of the professionals are as follows:

    Profession Average Salary in Euro
    Executive Management and Change 96,000
    Legal and Paralegal 75,000
    Program and Project Management 45,000
    Sales and Business Development 50,000
    Engineering 38,000
    Consulting, Accounting and Professional Services 40,000

    Although Italy is one of the most affordable European countries to study abroad, the initial salary after studying in Italy can be around 15,000 Euro. However, the country opens a wide range of opportunities across a variety of professions. Overall, Italy is an excellent choice for prospective international students with financial need, willing to study abroad.


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