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    While Sweden is not one of the desired study abroad destinations, it certainly leaves international students spellbound. Home to 53 Swedish universities, the country offers more than 1000 English-taught programs to incoming students from across the world.

    As per 2019 statistics, international students take up 35% of the total student intake in Sweden. This number has increased tremendously since 2017 wherein the presence of international students in universities was 10%. Following is the data pertaining to the countries where students come from more:

    Why Choose to Study in Sweden?

    Universities in Sweden for International Students: Research-Oriented

    • Many of the greatest products seen in the consumer sector have originated from Sweden. Some of them are Skype, DSC Solar Panels, TetraPak, Facebook Advertising, Spotify, HIV-tracker, and Artificial Pacemaker.
    • Sweden boasts of being a research-centric country,
    • Government of Sweden gives about3% of the total GDP into research and innovation.
    • 30% of the total research is carried out at the best universities in Sweden.
    • There are 17 public university collegesand14 private university colleges in Sweden where research is carried out.

    Key Research Sectors in Sweden

    • The government of Sweden spends the most on healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.
    • Big industry giants in Sweden are: Pfizer and AstraZeneca
    • Several start-ups in Sweden contribute to research and development
    • Research on renewable energy is extremely popular in Sweden. Sweden ranks among the top 5 countries in the world for research and higher studies in renewable energy.

    Top Ranking Universities in Sweden

    Sweden boasts of being academically excellent. Itis a country that provides education to international students studying at the best universities in English.

    Sweden offers 708 courses in a diverse range of fields including science and arts. All in all, more than 600 English-language degree programs are taught in Sweden. This has been done keeping in mind the fact that students find a good fit for all their academic needs.

    The list of the best universities in Sweden along with their world rankings is given below:

    University QS World Ranking (2021)
    Lund University 97
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology 98
    Uppsala University 124
    Chalmers University of Technology 139
    Stockholm University 181
    University of Gothenburg 202
    Umea University 333
    Linköping University 362

    Requirements to Study in Sweden

    Admission applications from international students are invited for both academic sessions- Autumn semester and Spring semester. The admission process for Swedish Universities is as given below:

    Application Deadlines

    Deadline/Semester Autumn First Round Admissions Autumn Second Round Admissions Spring First Round Admissions Spring Second Round Admissions
    Admission application  January 15 April 15 August 17 October 15
    Application fee receipt  February 3 May 7 September 1 December 1
    Supporting documentation February 3 June 18* September 1 November 2

    How to Apply?

    International students, irrespective of their nationality and program, have to adhere to the step-by-step guide given below:

    • Step I: Find your chosen course and university at
    • Step II: Check the entry requirements set for international students.
    • Step III: Complete the online application at Central Swedish Application system.
    • Step IV: Arrange supporting documents to be sent to the university

    Supporting Documentation

    • Common Requirements: Transcripts, Resume
    • Tests –GMAT/GRE
    • Language Proficiency Tests: Equivalent to English course 6
    • Additional requirements: Relevant work/research experience, motivational letter, other relevant programs, Mathematical requirements (for bachelor’s), and required thesis (Ph.D.)

    English Proficiency Test

    To be considered for admission in Sweden, proficiency in the English language is a must for which students can take tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL. The minimum score requirement should be equivalent to English course 6, taught at Swedish senior secondary level. Based on this, the acceptable scores for a few tests are tabulated below:

    Test Name Minimum Score Required
    IELTS 6.5 (no band less than 6.0)
    TOEFL- iBT 90 (no section less than 20)
    TOEFL-PBT 575
    PTE 62 (Writing 61)

    Cost of Studying in Sweden

    While the tuition fees is free in Sweden for EU students, international students are required to pay for all expenses from application fees to living expenses. The breakdown of overall cost international students have to incur to study in Sweden is mentioned below:

    Expenditure Cost (in SEK)
    Admission Application 900
    Undergraduate Tuition fees 75,000 to 440,000/yr
    MBA program 81,200 to 495,000/yr
    MS program 80,000 to 130,000/yr
    Living Cost 8514

    Although the tuition fee is bearable, living in Sweden is slightly on the higher side.

    Scholarships to Study in Sweden

    Many financial waivers are provided to international students, thereby reducing the cost to study in Sweden to a significant amount. Here goes the rundown of scholarships in Sweden for international students.

    Scholarship Name Name of University Award
    Kristianstad University Scholarship Kristianstad University Full/partial tuition fees
    KTH India Scholarship KTH Royal Institute of Technology Tuition fees for 2 years
    Lund University Global Scholarship Lund University 25%-100% tuition fees
    Halmstad University Scholarship Halmstad University 25%-50% tuition fees
    Linnaeus University Scholarship Linnaeus University 75% tuition fees

    Sweden Student Visa Requirements

    International students are required to obtain the Swedish Residency Permit(student visa) to study at any Swedish university. For this, students require the following documents:

    • A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, at the time of application
    • Class X/XII or Bachelor’s mark sheet
    • Enrollment letter from chosen Swedish University
    • Certification of available finances such as
      • Scholarship letter
      • Bank loan receipt
      • Bank statement
    • Proof of health insurance
    • An essay on “Why you want to study in Sweden?”

    Students must note that the entire visa process will take up to 90 days and will cost around 1000 SEK (11 USD).

    Studying in Sweden offers international students a wide array of opportunities. The country stands apart with regards to providing a world-class education to international students.


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