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    Statement of Purpose or SOP is an integral document reflecting why a program is important to you and how you can use the curriculum resources at hand. Additionally, SOP also provides an opportunity for applicants to put their best foot forward by emphasizing on their achievements, hobbies, and interests.

    An SOP for Singapore is not a compulsory requirement for the admission process. However, applicants with an impressive statement of purpose hold a better chance of securing admission at their desired university in Singapore.

    Key Elements in SOP for Singapore

    Universities in Singapore have various defining requirements in terms of a statement of purpose. While a few of them are program-specific, majority of them are similar:

    • Structure: Unlike in other countries, all Singapore universities applicants submit an essay as their statement of purpose. Though SOP content & expectation varies for UG program or PG program, the structural guidelines remain the same.
    • Word Limit- Unless otherwise specified, a typical Statement of Purpose for Singapore universities must be within 1000 words ( 1-2 pages in length).
    • Font Size & Style: While writing their statement of purpose, students must use a single font style, preferably, Times New Roman. Furthermore, an ideal font size would be 12 pt.
    • Language: Apart from the document being plagiarism free and grammatically correct, it must also follow a logical flow of information. Additionally, Singapore SOPs suggest the use of active verbs and discourage using too many qualifiers.

    While formulating the statement of purpose for Singapore, applicants are advised to remember the key elements specified above. Download a sample SOP for Singapore universities.

    SOP for Singapore: UG Program v/s PG Program

    Irrespective of the level of program, a Statement of Purpose must be principally attached to the application form. Since an SOP is a reflection of how much you know and understand your desired course field, make sure you’re thorough with your research about it, and provide concrete information.

    Additionally, you must be well aware of the scope of the course and where you are headed to by choosing the course.

    • A Statement of Purpose for UG courses in Singapore should emphasize a single component, be it your previous academic achievements or plans post completion of chosen program.
    • A graduate SOP for Singapore universities requires five main pieces of information-
      • Field of your concentration,
      • Reason for choosing the field,
      • Relevant academic/professional background to chosen field,
      • Reason for choosing a particular school, and
      • Where you envision yourself after completion of the degree.
    • SOP for PG programs must be specific to the program(s) and college(s) that you are applying for. Repetition will result in rejection.

    Tip: In statements for both UG and PG programs, try to highlight your leadership experience and teamwork abilities.

    SOP for Singapore: How to Write an Impressive Admission Essay?

    Any structured SOP is divided into three parts- Beginning, Middle, and End. However, a statement of purpose for Singapore needs to entail specific details within these three components.


    Introduce yourself precisely, the admission officers want to know who you are & what are your qualifications. Singapore universities want you to keep it simple. No need to opt for an out-of-the-box quotation, like one sees in an SOP for Canada, UK, or USA.


    Once you are done with your introduction, establish the main idea/theme of your essay- your USP around which your essay will revolve. Whatever ideas & elements you choose to highlight, those should complement the theme & tone of your SOP.

    For instance, one of the key aspects which PG students focus on is- Why do you want to study in Singapore? Therefore, if we keep this question at the center of your SOP for Singapore, then you can incorporate the following aspects in the essay:

    • How your choice of the program has affected your choice of study destination?
    • Why is Singapore a suitable study destination, for you, compared to India?
    • How will your education in Singapore be beneficial for your future plans in India or abroad?

    Admission officers of Singapore universities have often suggested applicants focus on just three elements to avoid making their SOP vague or worse a confused one.


    Summarize whatever you have written in a few words or a paragraph. Try to keep the tone of your conclusion neutral.

    SOP for Singapore: How to Avoid Rejection from Universities?

    • Keep the statement brief. The essay mustn’t be an unnecessarily prolonged piece of detail; brevity must be considered till a logical point.
    • Do not copy your CV word by word. You can elaborate what your CV states, but add a personal and confident touch while narrating your purpose of statement.
    • Use concrete examples rather than void claims. All that you state in your SOP must be supported by examples and proofs rather than plain facts. This helps in engaging the reader better.
    • Excessive focus on extracurricular activities mustn’t be given. It’s an important aspect of your wholesome statement, but it shouldn’t be the centre of attraction.
    • Your SOP should be your own reflection. Make sure it has its elements of uniqueness and interest.

    SOP for Singapore universities requires a lot of thought for compilation and multiple revisions done over a period of time. The initial draft is merely a collection of facts and details, but the way of presentation comes to life after revising it again.


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