Scholarships in Sweden for International Students: University Funds, Government Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants

    Being one of the popular European countries among international students, Sweden offers aspirants with quality educational facilities. The affordability of higher education in this picturesque European location makes it a popular choice among international students.

    For international students planning to study in Sweden, the tuition can range from 6-46 lakhs INR a year. Additionally, renting accommodations and staying in Sweden costs up to 35,000 INR a month. For an international student of budget, this can be too much to bear, this is where scholarships to study in Sweden come in handy.

    The scholarships in Sweden for international students 2021 are of 3 different kinds:

    • The Swedish Government Scholarships
    • The university-specific scholarships and
    • The grants by non-government organizations

    The Sweden Government Scholarship is one of the best postgraduate scholarships among all. These scholarships in Sweden will not only bear the educational costs but also provide accommodation costs and other expenses making it easier for international students to control their overall expenses.

    Scholarships in Sweden for Undergraduate Students

    These scholarships are for the students planning to study their undergraduate courses in the top universities in Sweden. There are some fully funded scholarships for international undergraduate students in Sweden providing 100% tuition fee coverage as scholarships while others contribute to a portion of the fee.

    • Most of the scholarships in Sweden offered by the colleges fund the academic fees only.
    • The candidates aiming to apply for the university scholarships should plan their travel expenses and accommodation cost in Sweden accordingly.
    • During the admission sessions, the universities share their list of the available scholarships and the specific eligibility criteria required for each of them.

    University Scholarships in Sweden for Undergraduate Students

    Most of the Swedish universities provide merit-based scholarships to students from different fields of study. The scholarships for international undergraduate students are no exception. Although these scholarships do not provide the immigration or Sweden student visa cost.

    Some of the top university scholarships are discussed below

    Lund University Global Scholarship

    Being one of the top 100 universities in the world, the Lund University attracts a wide range of meritorious students from around the world. The Lund University Global Scholarship programme honors the meritorious students with citizenship outside the EU/ EEA and Switzerland.

    • Eligibility: Students from outside the EU/ EEA (and Switzerland).
    • Application Deadline: Mid October to Mid January for Autumn Semester
    • Duration: Entire span of the course
    • Evaluation: Partial or full tuition fee coverage based on the funds available for the part

    The Karlstad University Global Scholarship

    The Karlstad University funds this study award. The program is aimed at students performing excellently in their previous academic courses from outside the EU/ EEA and Switzerland who need to pay tuition fees for their courses in Sweden. The Karlstad University Global Scholarship is offered only for the courses starting in a fall semester.

    • Eligibility: Students from outside the EU/ EEA (and Switzerland)
    • Application Deadline: December 01 to February 01
    • Number of Scholarships: More than 500 scholarships per year
    • Duration: 1-year program-specific
    • Evaluation: Deduction of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% tuition fees

    Örebro University Scholarship

    The scholarship funds total or a portion of the tuition fees. However, the scholarship does not provide the accommodation charges. Applicants must apply through the admission portal of the Swedish government with Örebro University as their priority.

    • Eligibility: Students from outside the EU/ EEA and Switzerland.
    • Application Deadline: April to January
    • Number of Scholarships: Varies around 4-5 scholarships per year
    • Duration: Complete duration of the course
    • Evaluation: Full or partial tuition fees

    Scholarships in Sweden for Undergraduate Students by Organizations

    Several non-government organizations provide scholarships to candidates who desire to study in Sweden. These scholarships generally help those candidates who were unable to qualify for the government scholarships or the university scholarships along with other fresh applicants to fund their studies.

    One of the popular scholarships in Sweden for Indian students sponsored by an organization is:

    660 Berows International Awards Program Test (BISPT) in India

    The students from school, diploma, college and masters can avail of this scholarship. The students have to appear for an online test based on their level of study. Upon qualifying in this examination, the student receives the award.

    • Eligibility: The student has to appear and clear the online Berows International Scholarship Program Test Examination. This scholarship is available for 3 groups of students, class 9-12, all graduate courses and all post-graduation courses. The registration fee for the test is INR 150.
    • Application Deadline: March 31
    • Number of Scholarships: 5000
    • Duration: One-time payment
    • Evaluation: Cash award of up to INR 12,00,000 based on the rank in the BISPT Examination.

    Scholarships in Sweden for Postgraduate Students

    Scholarships in Sweden for postgraduate students are offered based on the following criteria:

    • The level of study
    • Span of the programs
    • Scores of the applicant in the previous academic course

    The Swedish government, the universities and the non-government organizations sponsor these scholarships.

    Postgraduate Government Scholarships in Sweden

    The Swedish Institute is the chief Sweden Government Scholarship, aiming at supplying the monetary resources to mostly students willing to pursue post-graduation from Sweden.

    Scholarships in Sweden by the Swedish Institute

    The online portal of the Swedish Institute generally accepts applications for scholarships for a short period within February of the year. Some of the best Scholarships are mentioned below:

    Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

    Swedish Institute is intended to provide as many as 350 scholarships for different master’s degree programs in 2021.

    • Eligibility: Students from selected 42 countries including Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh and many others are worthy of the reward
    • Application Deadline: February 08 to February 18
    • Number of Scholarships: Not specified, usually 4-6% of the applicants are rewarded with the grant.
    • Duration: 1 year or 2 years based on the course.
    • Evaluation: Coverage of full tuition fees, living expenses of SEK 10,000 (equivalent to INR 85,000) per month, health insurance, a travel grant of SEK 15,000 (equivalent to INR 1,26,000) or SEK 10,000 based on the home country of the applicant and memberships to NGFL and SI alumni network after the completion of course.

    Note: The scholarship is not available for Indian students.

    Postgraduate Scholarships in Sweden by Universities

    The postgraduate scholarships in Sweden are offered to international students from different fields of postgraduate education. Mostly the funds are not offered for the online courses. There are some universities in Sweden with scholarships for international students.

    Mälardalen University Scholarship Program

    Every year, the Mälardalen University offers a limited amount of scholarships in Sweden for master’s courses for applicants selecting the Mälardalen University as their first choice. International students are fascinated by this award as this is one of the fully funded master’s scholarships in Sweden for international students.

    • Eligibility: Students from outside the EU/ EEA/ Switzerland and except the countries like Bangladesh, Kenya, Bolivia, Mali and a few more with whom Sweden has long-term development cooperation.
    • Number of Scholarships: Not specified
    • Duration: Entire course period
    • Evaluation: 100% tuition fee

    Blekinge Tekniska Högskola Scholarships

    The BTH scholarship provides the funds for the tuition fees of the meritorious students in different parts. The students willing to avail themselves of this scholarship need to pay by themselves for their living expenses.

    • Eligibility: The student must be pursuing a subject course in Blekinge Tekniska Högskola or a campus-based program, tuition-paying students will only be considered.
    • Application Deadline: October 16 to January 15
    • Number of Scholarships: Variable
    • Duration: The entire duration of the BTH course.
    • Evaluation: Funds 50% tuition fee or full tuition fee.

    Avancez Scholarships

    The Avancez Scholarships are provided by the Chalmers University of Technology to international students. The number of scholarships awarded is fixed basis a year.

    • Eligibility: Citizens of non-EU/ EEA countries, the student must have a good GRE score
    • Application Deadline: October 16 to January 15
    • Number of Scholarships: The number varies each year
    • Duration: 2 years of study
    • Evaluation: 75% tuition fees waivers, students who excel in their first year would receive more reduction of around 85% tuition fees waivers

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    Dalarna University Scholarships

    Each year, the Dalarna University funds the tuition fees of several international master’s course students with strong evidence of their academic excellence in their previous courses.

    • Eligibility: Any student enrolled in an on-campus master degree program at the Dalarna University can apply for the program
    • Application Deadline: Spring intake - September 01 to September 30, Autumn intake - January 01 to March 25
    • Duration: The amount payable will be deducted automatically in parts of each semester throughout the study program
    • Evaluation: 10-50% of the total tuition fees

    Scholarships in Sweden from Non-government Organizations

    Some non-government bodies provide scholarships to young aspirants planning to study in Sweden from around the globe. These organizations are not associated with any university.

    Here’s a list of some of the scholarships provided by these institutions:

    Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship

    The scholarships are awarded to students applying for a fall semester only. International students from any country can apply for this scholarship.

    • Eligibility: The student must have applied to a European university for a master’s degree, the student must meet the entry requirements for the university including an undergraduate degree and language requirements for the program, the student must have or is eligible for a student visa of Sweden, the applicant should not be a resident of Sweden
    • Application Deadline: May 17
    • Number of Scholarships: The number of the grant varies based on the availability of funds of the particular year
    • Duration: One-time payment
    • Evaluation: Maximum grant of EUR 5,000 (equivalent to INR 4,29,000) will be provided

    Produktexperter Scholarship

    Produktexperter Scholarship is a single payment scholarship, awarded to ambitious students to grow in their studies as the trust pays immense concentration on the development of skilled students.

    • Eligibility: Full-time university or college students (both native and international), presently studying in Sweden can apply for this scholarship, the applicant needs to send their 500-word motivational letter to the governing body
    • Application Deadline: June 01
    • Number of Scholarships: 1 scholarship a year
    • Duration: 1-time payment
    • Evaluation: SEK 10,000 (equivalent to INR 84,000)

    Other Postgraduate Scholarships in Sweden

    Along with the government scholarships and university scholarships, the non-profit organizations also provide grants for the international students willing to pursue studies in the top universities of Sweden.

    Most of these scholarships are provided to the applicants aiming for Ph.D. programs and master’s at Swedish Universities. Here are a tally of a few more delightful scholarships to study in Sweden.

    Scholarships Award Offered Number of Scholars Chosen
    Halmstad University Scholarships 25% or 50% tuition fee -
    Jönköping University scholarships 30% of the tuition fees for a maximum of 3 years 350
    Stockholm School of Economics scholarships 100% or 50% of the tuition fees -
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology scholarships Full tuition fees for 1 or 2 years master’s program 30
    Linköping University scholarships 25%, 50% or 75% fees -
    Linnaeus University scholarships Up to 75% tuition fees -
    Stockholm University scholarships 100% tuition fees -

    Along with excellent study opportunities, Sweden has an employment figure of more than 67%. Hence, focusing on job opportunities in Sweden for international students along with excelling in the studies is beneficial in all respects. Besides the availability of outstanding universities and satisfying scholarships, the Schengen culture and environment are some major reasons to attract international students to study in Sweden.


    Ques. Is there any Ph.D. scholarship available in Sweden?

    Ans: Yes, there are several Ph.D. scholarships in Sweden. The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships and JN Tata Endowment Scholarship, are some of the famous scholarship programs for Ph.D. students.

    Ques. Can I study in Sweden for free?

    Ans: Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria of certain scholarships to study in Sweden, the scholarship will bear your tuition fees, living expenses and also your travel costs.

    Ques. What are the minimum grades to avail a Swedish scholarship?

    Ans: Eligibility criteria vary based on the trust of the scholarships. However, excellent scores in the previous academic years will have a better chance of consideration.

    Ques. Is it necessary to enroll in a university/ college before applying for a scholarship?

    Ans: Preferably, one can apply for admission in their favorite institution if they’ve made their mind to study in that particular institute. Having said that, there are plenty of scholarships available and one can apply to those programs even if they enroll late.

    Ques. How long does it take to receive a scholarship to study in Sweden?

    Ans: Ideally, the results of the scholarships to study in Sweden are announced after one month of the deadline for application.


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