Jobs in UAE for International Students: Top Recruiters, Popular Sectors, Roles, Work Permit

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    The thriving expat community of the UAE provides a home to education from all over the world. Apart from some top-ranking national universities, UAE is also the homeland for various foreign universities from America, Australia, France, and India. If you are an international student in the UAE, now is the time for you to explore the oil-rich country’s market booming with new opportunities and areas of employment. 

    Look for Universities in UAE

    It became feasible for international students to apply for jobs in UAE in 2017 when the government gave permission that students above the age of 18 years can apply for work permits to undertake part-time work along with their studies. Before 2017, international students could only work on the campus, if they were able to get any work. With Jobs in UAE, international students can earn anywhere from 108,000 to 276,000 AED a year.

    A student visa with UAE allows you to work only part-time while studying and international students can earn around 30000 to 80000 AED with part-time jobs in UAE. In 2018 UAE introduced a 5year study and residency visa for international students making it easier and lucrative for them to come to UAE for study and work purposes. A work permit or work visa on the other hand will allow you to find jobs in UAE as an international student after completing your studies. 

    Jobs in UAE with Top Recruiters

    Some of the top recruiters for international students looking for jobs in the UAE are discussed below:

    Company Salary (AED/year)
    DHL& 142,000 to 225,000
    Emirates 163,000
    Etihad Airways 298,000
    FedEx Express 185,000 to 285,000
    Hilton Worldwide 98,000 to 228,000
    Marriott& 49,000 to 221,000
    Microsoft Gulf 328,000
    Omnicom Media Group MENA 117,000

    Some of the top employers in various regions of UAE are:

    Employer Salary (up to AED/year)
    TAQA, Abu Dhabi 1,093,000
    FGB, Abu Dhabi 885,000
    Mubadala Development Company, Abu Dhabi 699,000
    BNP Paribas, Abu Dhabi 682,000
    HSBC, Abu Dhabi 601,000
    Gulf Capital, Dubai 1,198,000
    Deutsche Bank, Dubai 1,106,000
    AGFA, Dubai 952,000
    Societe Generale, Dubai 937,000
    UBS, Dubai 885,000
    Clyde & Co., Dubai 781,000

    Popular High-Paying Jobs in UAE

    Following are some of the high paying jobs in UAE, as per the data collected pre-COVID:

    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 468,000 to AED 552,000
    • Job Profile: Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Store Incharge
    • Qualification Required: Bachelor/Masters in Business Administration or related field
    • Top Universities: Heriot-Watt University, British University in Dubai, Amity University, Westford University, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus
    • Allianz International Holdings; Cornucopia ltdBright Fortune FMS, Reeqwest HR Consultancy Solutions, IT&M Consultancy Service are the few high-paying companies in this area.

    A CMO is responsible to take care of the marketing strategies and increase the market share along with the brand building of the products. Marketing is one of the highest-paying areas in the UAE job market.

    Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 300,000 to AED 708,000
    • Job Profile: Fiscal Managers, Chief Accountants, Financial Controllers
    • Qualification Required: Bachelor/Masters in Finance or MBA with specialization in Finance, Certified financial managers.
    • Top Universities: Heriot-Watt University, Abu Dhabi University, Swiss School of Business and Management, United Arab Emirates University.
    • Honeywell; Puma; Rebel Foods; Robert Half; CBRE are some high-salary paying companies in this field.

    The financial system is the backbone of any business and without it the businesses have no sense. To make profits and retain market shares major financial decisions are to be taken by the people working in such positions, making them good high paying jobs. The launch of all many international organizations in Dubai has increased demand for this job manifold.

    Actuarial Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 257,400 to AED 456,000
    • Job Profile: Insurance agents, Evaluators, Key accounts officers
    • Qualification Required: Bachelor/Masters in Business or MBA or related degrees.
    • Top Universities: Heriot-Watt University, Abu Dhabi University, Swiss School of Business and Management, United Arab Emirates University.
    • Milliman; Mercer; AIG; EY; PwC are some of the high-salary paying companies to actuaries.

    There is no dearth of Insurance companies in the UAE and one of the main functions they undertake is to search and evaluate risk factors and possibilities. The lower the risk would be, the insurance company stands to gain that much out of its policies. Hence the actuaries are paid the highest amount of salaries in the insurance companies.

    Law Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 218,400 to AED 754,800
    • Job Profile: Attorneys, Legal assistants, Counsels
    • Qualification Required: Masters in Law or higher related education
    • Top Universities: University of Dubai, Al Ghurair University, Middlesex University Dubai, United Arab Emirates University, Sorbonne-Assas International Law School, United Arab Emirates University
    • Al Balooshi Law Firm; Revin Legal Translation; Hikmat Fayad and Associates; Dubai Copyright Office are few companies listed as top payers in the area.

    In UAE many companies hire their legal attorneys to take care of the legal matters of their business. Areas like patents, copyrights, property dealings etc. require qualified lawyers to manage the work.

    Senior Human Resources Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 216,000 to AED 297,000
    • Job Profile: Human Resource Manager, Personnel manager, Hiring In charges
    • Qualification Required: Bachelor/Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Human resources or related field
    • Top Universities: Heriot-Watt University, British University in Dubai, Amity University, Westford University, BITS Pilani Dubai Campus
    • Najma Consultancy; Tuscan Consultancy and Irish Consulting are some known names in the area for providing the best salaries.

    Every company likes to hire the best and then maintain them for the best working environment and productivity and wants to shunt out the ones not suitable for the jobs. Human resource personnel are required in every company and is a good-paying job in UAE.

    Data Scientist Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 216,000 to AED 588,000
    • Job Profile: Data analysts, Data collectors, Data Managers  
    • Qualification Required: Bachelor/Masters in Computer or Data sciences/Management or related field
    • Top Universities: Middlesex University Dubai, Heriot-Watt University, RIT
    • Oracle; Sigma Data Systems; PwC are some of the renowned names that exist in the UAE. 

    Collecting historical data and analyzing and making future projections, analyzing the current data, and finding the corrective methods and measures are as important as marketing or financing areas of the companies.

    There are numerous vacancies in this area in many big companies which allow the students to chase their dreams and passion in the subject.

    IT Manager Jobs in UAE

    • Average Annual Pay: From AED 214,000 to AED 625,200
    • Job Profile: IT Director, Senior IT Manager, IT Operations Manager
    • Qualification Required: Bachelors/Masters in Computer Sciences/ Management or diploma preferably in engineering in a related field
    • Top Universities: Middlesex University Dubai, Heriot-Watt University, RIT
    • Accel Frontline JLT; Aphidas; NEOSYS; Pixel Digital System LLC are some high-paying companies in the field.

    Technology comes under the most prominent industries in the UAE and offers lucrative career opportunities. Project management, designing, testing, and support are some of the functions undertaken by personnel in this area. UAE also has various online courses in the area that can lead to a high-paying job.

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    Popular Areas to Find Jobs in UAE

    Technology, Construction, Logistics, Finance, and Tourism are some hot favorite areas in which it is easier for graduate students to find job opportunities. STEM subject specialists are in demand as the energy sector is growing at a fast pace in UAE.

    The country has introduced a VAT system, opening various new jobs in the areas of Finance and Taxation. The Property industry lures foreigners also and has potential for those who are interested in marketing or logistics for this industry. 

    The full-time employees have to work 5 to 8 hours shifts and get Saturday-Sunday off in most cases. There are various placement companies that help the students in getting good well-paying jobs but other than them the students can use social networking sites, newspaper advertisements, and renowned websites also for searching the jobs.

    Some of the popular sectors in various regions for finding jobs in UAE for international students are:

    Region Sectors/Areas & Salaries
    Dubai Legal (500,000 AED/year)
    Financial Services (442,000 AED/year)
    Executive Management (393,000 AED/year)
    Consulting (312,000 AED/year)
    Other Regions Logistics (333,000 AED/year)
    Compliance (284,000 AED/year)
    Healthcare (180,000 AED/year)
    Engineering (168,000 AED/year)
    Abu Dhabi Airline (460,000 AED/year)
    Human Resources (313,000 AED/year)

    Where to Look for Jobs in UAE?

    Some of the online spaces to look for jobs in UAE are- Akhtaboot, BAC Middle East, Dubizzle,,,, etc.  Short-term job opportunities can be found at- Dubai Volunteer Centre, National Volunteers Program for Emergencies, Crises, and Disasters,, etc.

    High-Paying Jobs in UAE after Diploma

    UAE is popular amongst diploma holders also for study and working as the country provides some tax benefits and quality living to people. Education is not as costly as the western countries and earning opportunities exist in plenty. International students feel that they can start earning good salaries after diplomas and may get a chance to migrate to western locations with a world-class diploma and some useful work experience.

    According to Jobs Bank, the following are the top 10 high paying jobs in UAE international students with diplomas:

    Job Role Annual Salaries
    Mechanical Technician 45,000 AED
    HVAC Technician 40,000 AED
    Electrical Technician 35,000 AED
    Field Engineer 40,000 AED
    Service Engineer 40,000 AED
    Sales Person 30,000 AED
    A C Technician 35,000 AED
    Nursing Assistant 55,000 AED
    Housekeeping Assistants 50,000 AED
    Packaging Supervisors 55,000 AED

    Doctors, Pilots, College Professors are also some of the respectable and high-paying jobs in UAE but the international students have to attain not only the required education but also the desired licenses and fulfill the local legal requirements to get the jobs in these areas.

    How to get Work permit in UAE?

    work permit is a must to work in UAE but with current eased out open policies it is not a difficult task to obtain one and work for a multinational or international company. The basic steps to follow to get an employment permit for UAE is:

    1. Get a job offer letter from a company in UAE
    2. Begin with your employment visa process
    3. Submit a medical examination report and other necessary documents to receive your health card.
    4. Submit documents to the UAE Ministry of labor to obtain a labor card that allows you to work full time in UAE
    5. Apply for a residence permit

    Mainly the following documents are required to get a work permit of UAE:

    • You need to have a job offer
    • Completed Application form
    • Emirates ID card
    • Passport size-photos
    • Passport and its copies
    • Copy of valid company card
    • Valid commercial license of the company
    • Medical check and health certificate
    • Entry permit issued by the Ministry of Labor

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) are responsible for issuing the labor cards which take approximately ten days. Resident Visa and Labor Card are the two essential documents required to work in the UAE.

    The procedure is as follows:

    First of all the employer has to make an application to the Labor department and prove his authenticity so that he can hire a foreign national. Once labor hiring approval is received the visa needs to be applied with all the supporting documents.

    The Entry visa issued is generally for a period of two months and allows you to stay in UAE for 30 days. Hence you have to apply for the Labor card as soon as possible. The Labor card is normally valid for 2 years and needs to be carried by the employee with him at all times. The medical examination needs to be cleared before the visa and many times before the Labor card issuance also.

    With a booming economy and an unemployment rate as low as 3.25% for the year 2021, finding jobs in UAE for international students after completion of education is now a cake walk.


    Ques. How much money can an international student earn in UAE?

    Ans. As a part-time worker, a student can earn 30,000 to 80,000 AED easily.

    Ques. Is it easy to get a job in Canada for international students?

    Ans. Internships are available in plenty and sometimes more blue-collar jobs come your way than the white-collar ones. But UAE has no dearth of jobs due to new companies coming over from the western world in the country.

    Ques. Is 30,000 AED a good salary in UAE?

    Ans. If you are living single then you can live comfortably to luxurious life depending on the city you are in and if you are with family then this amount will suffice for a middle-class living.

    Ques. Which job has the highest salary in UAE?

    Ans. CEOs, Lawyer, Senior Human Resources, Data Scientist, IT Manager, Doctors, Financial analysts are few high paying jobs. The list is much longer due to many international companies operating from UAE now.

    Ques. What new jobs are in demand in UAE in 2021?

    Ans. Personal and Professional Coaches, Digital Content Freelancers, Creative writers, Marketing and Social Media Specialists, Medical and Healthcare Staff. And E-commerce Specialists are some of the new positions that are in high demand.

    Ques. Which is the cheapest city to live in UAE?

    Ans. Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Qawain & Ajman would be the cheapest. Followed by Al Ain/Fujairah, Sharjah and Dubai/AbuDhabi.

    Ques. What is the easiest way to get a job?

    Ans. You can have a LinkedIn profile, get active on social media and search through the employment websites are the easiest ways to look for a job in UAE.


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