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    | Updated On - Feb 18, 2022

    Jobs in Italy for Non-EU immigrants are a lot easier than in America. A person coming from Asia is treated in a different way as per their nationality. The average pay offered to applicants in Italy is 3,650 EUR ( 3 lakhs INR). However, applicants can earn salary packages up to 16,300 EUR annually (13 lakhs) depending upon the field and sector. A Non-EU immigrant willing to work in Italy is required to learn Italian as well because many top recruiting sectors like Management, Engineering, and IT require workers to be versed in the Italian language.

    To find a job in Italy students can explore various options like online recruiting sites, agencies, and university placement drives. Top recruiters in Italy like Ferrari, Uni Credit, and Generali, layout various job opportunities in Itlay for students. However, applicants can also start their own startups and succeed in popular fields like finance and fintech just like Satispay, Neonsurance or Credimi. A Non-EU immigrant planning to travel to Italy for job opportunities is required to apply for an employment visa and secure a residence permit within eight days of entering Italy.

    Things to Know Before Finding a Job in Italy

    Before starting a job in Italy, an organisation or employer offer applicants various kinds of contracts. The most used contracts are mentioned below:

    • Permanent contract: A full-time or part-time contract without an expiry date.
    • Fixed-term contract: It is another full-time or part-time contract with an expiry date. The renewal of contract depneds upon employer and employee.
    • Interim supply contract: A contract signed between worker and agency for a short period of time.
    • On-call contract : A contract without fixed number of hours and it can be modified according to work needs for short period of time.
    • Apprenticeship contract: The contract is valid between 6 months to 3 years and employee under 29 years of age can be hired under the same.

    Popular Jobs in Italy

    An international student with good knowledge of English and Italian can easily find a job in Italy. Some sectors like management, marketing, engineering, and IT lay out vacancies for students. Jobs in Italy for English speakers include language teachers, interpreters, or jobs in Italy in the tourism industry. Therefore, some of the job titles with average salary packages are tabulated below:

    Job Title Average Salary (EUR)
    Accountant 2,720
    Chartered Accountant 3,310
    Office Manager 3,230
    Art Director 3,600
    Aerospace Engineer 4,640
    Creative Director 3,730
    Pilot 6,210
    Architect 4,460
    Bank Branch Manager 7,060
    Teacher 2,790
    Business Analyst 4,740
    Business Development Manager 5,940
    Civil Engineer 3,570
    Electrical Engineer 3,860
    Chief Executive Officer 8,480
    Chief Financial Officer 8,080
    Dentist 8,730
    Dietitian 7,690
    Computer Technician 2,880
    Journalist 4,460
    Pharmacist 4,900
    Sales Manager 6,670

    Where to Find Best Jobs in Italy?

    Italy is divided into two major areas Northern and Southern Italy and there is a huge difference in terms of job opportunities in Italy. Students willing to study in sectors like industry, marketing, fashion, IT, technology, and so on, will have better chances of finding good jobs in Italy in Milan, and in the North in general. On the other hand, jobs in Italy in the tourism industry are more in Rome and Tuscany is popularly known for the textile industry.

    Some of the popular cities in Italy with average salary packages are tabulated below:

    City Average Salary Package (EUR)
    Bologna 3,850
    Catania 3,780
    Genova 3,930
    Milano 4,220
    Napoli 4,150
    Palermo 4,000
    Parma 3,670
    Rome 4,300
    Torino 4,080
    Trieste 3,720

    Top Universities in Italy with Average Salaries

    Some of the top universities in Italy with average salary packages according to fields are tabulated below:

    University Field Average Salary (INR)
    Bari University IT & Software Development 3,263,000
    Bolgona University IT & Software Development 5,025,000
    Ca' Foscari University of Venice Master (Other) 4,750,000
    Cagliari University IT & Software Development 2,709,000
    Catania Universita IT & Software Development 2,843,000
    Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Executive Management & Change 4,688,000
    LUISS Business School Sales & Business Development 3,840,000
    Palermo University IT & Software Development 3,000,000

    Top Startups in Italy

    Italy is a hub to various startups and students after graduation actively take part in Etrepureunship opportunities. Most of the startups in Italy are based out of sectors in Finance. Hence, some of the top startups in Italy are mentioned below.

    • Satispay: Satispay was founded in 2013 and is located in Milan, Italy. It is a fintech startup making money through mobile payments and easily connecting the bank account of the user to make easy transfers. In total, the company has managed to raise $160.9 Million. This was given by a group of twenty investors that included Tencent, among others.
    • Coreview: Coreview is a medium-sized organization founded in 2014. The company aims to offer customers a SaaS platform to manage office accounts with improvised security, reporting, and monitoring. Actively, the organization has raised 30 million USD for insight partners.
    • Young Platform: Young Platform operates on cryptocurrency and has an overall investment of 6.1 million USD. The company takes pride in allowing its customers to trade cryptocurrencies with FIAT money in a simple and secure manner.
    • Neosurance: The company provides insurance providers with a SaaS platform that allows them to gain insights on potential customers and profile them in order to increase sales conversions.
    • Credimi: Credimi is another Italian fintech startup with an investment of 20 million USD. Other businesses can use the company's digital lending and factoring solutions to increase their sales and run business smoothly.

    Top Companies in Italy

    Italy is a hub to various top MNC’s in the world. Applicants from all over the world come to Italy and apply for jobs in Italy in these MNC’s. Hence, some of the top companies with market capital are tabulated below:

    Company Market Capital (USD)
    Enel 76.92 B
    Intesa Sanpaolo 56.87 B
    ENI 54.98 B
    Ferrari 41.38 B
    Uni Credit 33.84 B
    Generali 32.25 B
    Nexi 19.02 B
    Snam 18.80 B

    Ways to Find a Job in Italy

    There are various platforms to find a suitable job in Italy. By sharing resumes and portfolios, students can apply for various jobs in Italy, part-time, freelancing, internship opportunities. Some of the top platforms for jobs in Italy are tabulated below.

    • Sites: Indeed Italia, LinkedIn, Info jobs, Trovalavoro, and others can be useful for finding job offers.
    • Agencies: The agenzie interinali ("supply agencies") mentioned above can be a good way to find temporary jobs, particularly in industries such as manufacturing, tourism, and food.
    • Centro per l'impiego: The public job centre is known as the Centro per l'impiego. It can provide you with an idea of the opportunities available in your city and province.
    • Relations: This is by far the most effective way to find work in Italy. Attend expos, conferences, and other events to meet new people in your field.

    Some Popular Job Interview Questions in Italy

    Why do your want to work here?

    What relevant experience do you have?

    Why should we hire you? How do you handle the pressure?

    What are your salary requirements?


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