Jobs in France for International students: Top Recruiters, Top Sectors, Top-Paying Universities, MBA salaries, Work permit

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    France has over 2 lacs vacancies in different areas (reported 2021 start). There is no dearth of jobs for those who do not speak the native language, however, having the knowledge of French does increase your options. With Surgeons, lawyers, Bank Managers being the jobs having 5 figure salaries, there is no dearth of non-professional vacancies like Marketing managers, Insurance agents, etc. Foreign nationals recruited as Marketing Managers earn €101,000 annually. The Customer services executive gets €66,400 annually. Managers take home around €59,000 and management area jobs give high four or five-figure earnings.

    Explore MBA jobs in France!

    One easiest route to get into the job market in France is to study in France and get a job. The students who study for master’s degrees in France get to work on a 24-month permit without leaving the country. However, bachelor's degree holders need to have a job in hand; On the basis of this job, they have to apply for a work permit to stay and work in France. To apply for a temporary residence visa after study, the postgraduate students need the following documents:

    • Passport
    • Two photographs
    • Proof of residence
    • Proof of job, if you have one in hand
    • Proof of health insurance
    • Proof of finances
    • Proof of completion of studies from a French institution

    Any document that is not in French must be translated into the language prior to the submission.

    Jobs in France: Effect of Covid-19

    The French government has announced its plans to bring in migrant worker’s quotas for jobs in some industries. This will help the non-EU workers, however, a lucrative job offer would require knowledge of the local language. As last recorded the unemployment rate of France is around 8.43%, which is less than countries like the US. This ensures that having pursued your education in France will bring in the returns you expect.

    The country observed a lockdown which was accompanied by a large spectrum of measures. These helped in sustaining the economy, firms, independent workers, and households. The expected total cost of these measures is around 110 billion, this makes 4% of the GDP. This was accompanied by a 300 billion budget to guarantee bank cash lines to companies. These measures dampened the impact of lockdown on employment and income. 

    The French government also ramped up its support by earmarking €7 billion of the €100 billion stimulus package to the digital economy. €3.7 billion of this amount is getting injected into reinforcing startup financing.

    Jobs in France: Top Recruiters

    With some of the top global firms like HSBC, Capgemini, Morgan Stanley, EY, Deloitte, IBM, PwC having their centers in France, the country ensures a global standard of work. Apart from the global leaders, there are plenty of homegrown brands that lead the job sector in France. Here are some of the top recruiters and their salary packages:

    Company Salaries (Euro/year)
    Airbus 93,344
    Amadeus 80,000
    Capgemini 78,052
    BNP Paribas Inc 116,932
    Societe Generale 66,661
    Deloitte 36,000
    Sopra Steria Group 35,000
    Morgan Stanley 155,000
    Soltec 160,000
    Council of Europe 150,000
    Balbec Capital 120,000
    HSBC 108,000
    B.O.A Merrill Lynch 155,000
    Adio 65,000
    KIABI 75,000
    Rabot Dutilleul Construction 125,000
    April group 150,000
    Natixis 125,000
    LyondellBasell 120,000

    Jobs in France with Start-ups

    Startup businesses play an important role in generating employment. They are emerging at a great speed in France and many of them are backed by the government. These businesses are great employers for international students and the workforce and at the same time attract entrepreneurs from other countries too.

    The French government highly supports the start-ups and rising firms in the country which in turn increases the chances of employment in the same for international graduates. Jobs in France for Indians are easily secured with these start-ups.

    Some of the top, recently established start-ups in France and their venture capital is given below:

    Start-ups Venture Capital in Euros
    Outsight 18 million
    Typology 8.2 million
    Welink 5.7 million
    Iziwork 22.3 million
    Leavy 19 million
    Pennylane 19 million
    Pigment 21.3 million
    La Ruche qui dit Oui 13.1 million
    Swile 115 million
    Qwarry 2 million
    Joko 11.7

    The list of startups is unending and they are growing at a good speed in spite of pandemics. The venture capitalists are employing and are in search of the best talent and the international workforce has a great scope of getting jobs in France with them.

    Jobs in France after Studying with Top Universities

    Students enrolled for short-term courses and having visas to complete them are not allowed to stay and work in France post studies but those who study bachelor or master full-time degrees on a long-term visa receive permission to stay back. Normally only those who successfully complete a master’s degree receive a 24-month post-study work visa.

    After finishing bachelor or master’s degree students are required to leave France and get a resident permit and work visa only if they have secured paid employment. Though for bachelors this continues, the French government has allowed the postgraduate degree students to stay for further 24 months and work by applying for the temporary resident permit while being in the country.

    Some of the French universities are recognized highly for their graduate employability rankings. The chances of getting jobs in France after having your higher education completed from any of the following universities are higher. The employers welcome graduates of these French universities with open arms and lucrative offers.

    THE Employability Rank University Salary Packages (Euro/year)
    22 Centrale Supelec -
    24 HEC Paris 86,000 to 100,000
    30 Ecole Polytechnique 72,000 to 135,000
    34 PSL Research University -
    36 EMLYON  39,000 to 51,000
    40 Mines ParisTech 64,000 to 109,000
    59 EDHEC Business School 60,000 to 100,000
    63 Sorbonne University 57,000 to 106,000
    80 ESSEC Business School 54,000 to 102,000
    112 Paris-Sud University 49,000 to 206,000
    115 EDCP Europe -
    138 Sciences Po 67,000 to 130,000
    142 Paris Dauphine University 75,000 to 130,000
    150 Arts et Métiers ParisTech 41,000 to 65,000
    177 Ecole Des Ponts ParisTech -

    Jobs in France after MBA

    Finding jobs in France after an MBA degree is a cakewalk. With some of the best business schools in the country, employers seek out MBA graduates with high salary packages in the industry. Discussed below are MBA salaries with some of the top business schools in France

    Business School MBA Salaries (Euros per year)
    INSEAD 124,000
    HEC Paris 98,000
    Grenoble Ecole de Management 50,000
    ESSEC Business School 90,000
    Emlyon Business School 47,000
    Université Paris Dauphine-PSL 97,000
    ESCP Business School 84,000

    A management degree leads to some of the best paying jobs also. Some jobs available to MBA qualified students and their salaries are as follows:

    Positions Average Yearly Salary in Euros
    Chief Executive Officer 111,000
    Chief Financial Officer 102,000
    Regional Director 98,400
    Corporate Officer 89,100
    Executive Manager 89,700
    General Manager 86,000
    Risk and Capital manager 83,600

    Besides this MBAs are able to get specialized field jobs like Human Resources executives and managers, Finance professionals, Supply chain executives, and managers.

    Work Environment in France

    Over two lac job vacancies existed in France in the mid of the year 2020. The professions that required immediate manpower were STEM professionals, medical professionals, carpenters, electricians, construction workers to name a few.

    The labor laws of the country have fixed 35 hours of work per week and beyond that, the work done in a week will attract overtime payments. There has to be one or two hours break for lunch and a minimum of 5 weeks’ yearly holidays are inbuilt to protect the rights of the employees in the system.

    Every year the government in France also keeps revising the minimum wage rate and in 2020 it was ascertained at 10.15 euro, a notch up from the last year. Now, this is the highest rate in all the EU countries for per hour workers.

    Top Sectors for Jobs in France

    Different sectors and professions have different salaries in France. This variation can be seen due to the location as well. Paris is the highest paying city in the country. The average salary of the country is calculated at approximately €40,000 per person. Top paying jobs in France by median salaries are discussed below:

    Position Annual Median Salary in USD
    It Manager 52,480
    Lecturer 51,722
    Account Manager 49,302
    Project Manager 47,287
    Product Manager 46,402
    Accountant 45,541
    Marketing Manager 45,201
    Business Analyst 44,637
    Finance Manager 43,772
    Financial Analyst 42,730
    Chemical Engineer 41,739
    Civil Engineer 41,267
    Systems Administrator 41,243
    Mobile Developer 41,234
    QA Engineer 40,491
    Operations Manager 39,923
    Research Scientist 39,296
    Software Engineer 39,153
    Data Analyst 39,144
    Web Developer 38,325
    Human Resources Manager 38,273
    Attorney 38,240
    Interior Designer 38,088

    Jobs in France by Location

    There are some cities where salaries are higher than others. It may not be considered that higher salaries indicate higher vacancies. Given below are the Annual Average salaries in Euros as an indicator for some of the top cities and the job areas existing in France.

    Activity Areas France Bordeaux Lyon Toulouse Strasbourg
    Executive Management & Change 74,783 95,790 54,600 41,180 68,060
    R&D, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech 52,096 46,220 49.580 39,490 37,810
    Finance Control & Strategy 47,895 42,010 47,050 40,340 42,000
    Sales & Business Development 48,735 39,490 41,180 40,340 42,010
    Financial Services 36,970 36,970 41,180 42,020 42,860
    Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services 39,490 43,000 57,980 43,700 39,490

    The multiple industries offering various jobs in France are in the areas of accommodation and Food, Construction, Utilities, Science and Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance and Insurance, Transportation and warehousing amongst others.

    The salaries depend on your skill set and the area of specialization. What matters also is the location where you are working. Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse, and Grenoble count in the list of cities where living and working opportunities are better and easier to find.

    Salaries across Popular Job Roles in France

    Home to fashion, luxury solutions, and restaurant companies, there are various other sectors where lucrative salaries are offered. Discussed below are the same:

    Position Annual Salary in Euros
    Software Engineer 57,880
    Project Manager 6,6528
    Data Scientist 60,882
    Software Developer 51,682
    Web Developer 42,974
    Senior Software Engineer 84,228
    Software Programmer 51,219

    How to Find Jobs in France?

    You can find jobs in France with online portals like ABG – scientific/medical jobs, L’Agriculture Recrute – agricultural and viticultural jobs, Emplois Verts – green jobs, IAPA (International Au Pair Organization), Indeed France, Keljob, Les Jeudis, L’Etudiant – students and young graduates, L’Hôtellerie Restauration – restaurants and hotel jobs, Monster, Recruit, Stratégies Emploi – marketing, communications, and PR jobs, Cadremploi – managerial jobs to name a few.

    There are a number of newspapers and other resources also that can be used. Momiji, Trovit are some sites that list English-speaking jobs for international immigrants and students. British Council, CIEP, TEFL are some world-renowned companies that offer to teach jobs for English as a second language. Volunteering jobs also exist in some areas.

    Steps to Getting Jobs in France

    • First of all you should be able to demonstrate good language skills in French as well as in English. Some jobs may require you to furnish the test score form to substantiate your claims.
    • Your qualifications must be recognized by the French authorities. Centre ENIC-NARIC France is the agency that recognizes outside qualifications.
    • You need to prepare an effective cover letter and Curriculum Vitae supporting it with all the relevant documentation to apply for any job.
    • You must obtain the required health insurance or social security documents according to your eligibility and keep them ready in case required at the interview time.
    • Once you get the job, find out if you need to register your employer with your insurance documents or not.

    EU Blue Card

    EU Blue Card is for highly qualified professionals living and working in France. You should have at least a minimum of 12 months’ employment contract and 1.5 times the average salary compared to that particular year’s salary fixed by the authorities.

    You also need to have a university degree showing a minimum of three years’ study completed in France or you have desired qualifications with a five years minimum work experience.


    • Allows you to stay in France for 5 continuous years.
    • This card becomes a pathway for obtaining PR in the country.

    Getting help for finding jobs with alumni associations, Bureau d’Aide à l’Insertion Professionnelle (BAIP - Professional Insertion Assistance Offices), company relations services, recruitment forums, etc is easy after studying in France.

    French university graduates can also contact APEC who can help them look for work. You can also contact agencies like Pôle Emploi who assist all job-seekers, regardless of their level of studies.

    Building a professional network also helps in finding jobs in France. Find out about the companies that are actively recruiting in the field of your interest. Social networks like LinkedIn, etc will also help you develop and maintain contacts and a professional network. All these efforts can ease the process of finding jobs in France after studying in the country.


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