Explore Best Universities in Germany for Indian Students: Rankings, Fees, Courses & Requirements

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    Universities in Germany such as TUM, TU Berlin, RWTH Aachen are amongst the popular higher education institutions; especially for international students planning to pursue masters degree in Science and Research. Around 46 universities in Germany feature in the list of QS World University Rankings for 2022. 

    Wondering why students opt for German colleges? Most of the German universities are funded by the state and therefore do not charge any tuition fees from international students. Despite the low fees (charged in form of semester fee), the universities offer high quality of education. These universities conduct research works in various fields like biochemistry, environmental sciences, physics and astronomy, medicine, mathematics, etc.

    In addition to excellent academic curriculum and research facilities, the location of the universities are also a key attraction factor. Majority of the best colleges in Germany are located in cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt; counted amongst the friendliest student cities in the world. Explore! Cost of living in Germany.

    Top Universities in Germany

    There are about 46 German universities that are recognized globally according to QS World Rankings 2022. These rankings are provided based on the teaching parameters and research quality. Each university is provided a score based on some parameters.

    The rankings of the German universities globally by different ranking agencies are as follows:

    Top Universities in Germany for Undergraduate Programs

    Top universities in Germany provide lucrative opportunities for undergraduate students in terms of both jobs and degree. Students can pursue their undergraduate degree in the choice of their stream. Various degree options available for the students include, BBA, B.Tech, B.A, Medicine, law etc.

    Some of the top Universities in Germany and the degree offered by them are as follows:

    University Undergraduate programs
    Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich B.Sc, B.A, BBA, Bachelor of IT
    Humboldt University of Berlin B.Sc, B.A, BBA, Bachelor of IT
    Technical University of Berlin B.Tech,, BBA, B.A
    RWTH Aachen University B.Tech,
    Technical University of Munich B.Tech, B.A,, Medicine, Bachelor of IT
    Heidelberg University, BBA, Medicine, Bachelor of IT
    Freie University of Berlin, BBA, Bachelor of IT
    University of Freiberg, BBA, Bachelor of IT
    University of Gottingen, Bachelor of IT
    University of Hamburg, B.A, Bachelor of IT
    University of Manheim, B.A
    University of Stuttgart, BBA, Bachelor of IT
    Goethe University, Frankfurt B.A, BBA

    Top Universities in Germany for Postgraduate Programs

    Various postgraduate degrees are offered by German universities like MS, MBA, M.Tech, and Masters in Management (MIM) etc. Students can pursue their degree of choice from any university. Some of the top universities in Germany offering postgraduate programs are as follows:

    Universities Popular Masters Program
    Ludwig Maximilians University Munich MS
    University of Mannheim MIM
    ESMT Berlin MBA
    University of Freiburg M.Tech
    Technical University of Darmstadt M.Tech
    Freie Universitat Berlin MS
    Otto Beisheim School of Management MIM
    EU Business School MBA
    University of Hamburg MS
    University of Stuttgart MS
    Esslingen University of Applied sciences M.Tech
    Frankfurt School of Finance and Management MIM
    University of Bonn MS

    Top Universities in Germany for MBA

    There are around 16 German B-schools ranking for their MBA and other business programs. Germany can give wings to your dream of seeking an MBA abroad. These business schools are recognized globally for the quality of their education. The top business schools of Germany along with their course fees are given below:

    Business School Total Fees (Euros)
    Mannheim business school 39,900
    Frankfurt School of Finance and Management 39,000
    Otto Beisheim School of Management 40,500
    ESMT, Berlin 43,500
    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management 39,500
    EU Business School 27,650

    Top Universities in Germany for MS

    A typical MS degree in Germany can last for one year or 2 years in some cases. Most of the German universities do not charge any tuition fees for masters programs. There are a wide variety of disciplines available for the students to choose from for their master’s degree.

    Some of the top universities providing masters degree are as follows:

    University THE Global Ranking 2022
    Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich 32
    Technical University of Munich 38
    Heidelberg University 42
    Humboldt University Berlin 128
    Charite Universitatsmedizin Berlin 73
    University of Freiburg 108
    University of Tubingen 78
    RWTH Aachen 108
    Technical University Berlin 139
    Free University of Berlin 83
    University of Bonn 112

    Top Universities in Germany for Engineering and Technology

    Many universities provide Engineering courses for international students. The most popular Engineering streams in Germany include computer science, information technology, electrical engineering, civil engineering etc. Pursuing an engineering degree in Germany can be highly rewarding for the students.

    Some of the top universities in Germany offering engineering degree programs to the students are as follows:

    Universities Global Score
    Technical University of Munich 83.7
    University of Heidelberg 66.3
    Freie Universitaet Berlin 64.4
    Humboldt- Universitat zu Berlin 69.3
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 78.2
    TU Berlin 79
    RWTH Aachen university 80.5
    University of Freiburg 63.7
    Technical University of Dresden 73.4
    University of Gottingen -
    University of Hamburg 63.9
    University of Bonn -
    Technical University of Darmstadt 71.2
    University of Erlangen Nurnberg 66.3
    Goethe University Frankfurt Am Main -
    University of Stuttgart 70
    Ruhr University Bochum -
    Braunschweig University of Technology 62.8
    Leibniz University Hannover 64.1
    Dortmund University of Technology -

    Top Universities in Germany for Computer Science and IT

    Computer Science and IT has a very high future growth prospect and is preferred by many students. Pursuing a computer science and IT degree in Germany can help students to secure a job in Europe.

    Some of the top universities in Germany for computer science and IT are as follows:

    Universities Global Score
    Technical University of Munich 76.7
    University of Heidelberg -
    Freie Universitaet Berlin -
    Humboldt- Universitat zu Berlin 66.1
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 68.9
    TU Berlin 71
    RWTH Aachen university 70.2
    Technical University of Darmstadt 66.8
    University of Erlangen Nurnberg -

    Top Universities in Germany for Doctoral Courses

    Germany is a popular destination for doctoral programs. Germany is popular for the research programs. The public universities in Germany do not charge any tuition fees for their PHD programs. Students also receive several grants to pursue their research.

    Some of the popular universities for pursuing doctoral programs in Germany are as follows:

    Universities Popular PHDs
    Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich Psychology, Physics, business
    University of Heidelberg Biosciences, physics and astronomy, behavioral and cultural studies
    Ulm University Computer science, economics, mathematics, natural sciences
    Freie Universitat Berlin Biology, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Education and Psychology
    Humboldt- Universitat zu Berlin Economics and Management science, Social science, life science
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Natural sciences, engineering, Economics
    TU Berlin Mathematics, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering
    RWTH Aachen university Mathematics, Computer science, Natural Sciences
    University of Freiburg Natural Science, Life science, Robotics
    University of Tubingen Biochemistry, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences
    Technical University of Dresden Civil and Environmental engineering, Mathematics, humanities
    University of Gottingen Economic Sciences, Biology, Mathematics
    University of Hamburg Business, Economics, Social Science
    University of Bonn Physics and astronomy, Economics, Neuroscience
    University of Jena Human behavior and Economic change, Economics

    Top Universities in Germany by Employability

    Top Universities in Germany provide high paying jobs to their graduates. Some of the universities are ranked among the top universities globally in terms of employability.

    The top German Universities in terms of graduate employability according to QS World Rankings are as follows:

    University Graduate Employability Rankings
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 46
    RWTH Aachen University 58
    Technical university of Darmstadt 111-120
    TU Berlin 111-120
    University of Munchen 131-140
    Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin 201-250
    Technical university of Dresden 201-250
    University of Erlangen Nurnberg 251-300
    University of Konstanz 251-300
    University of Manheim 251-300
    University of Tubingen 301-500
    University of Bonn 301-500
    University of Gottingen 301-500
    Technical University of Braunschweig 501+

    Admission to Top Universities in Germany

    The basic documents required for admission to top universities in Germany are as follows:

    • Higher education qualifying proof/ High school or university transcripts
    • English language proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS) or proof of German language knowledge
    • Scores of qualifying exams like GMAT or GRE if required by the university
    • Letters of recommendation
    • SOPs
    • Resume
    • A valid passport and Visa
    • Other documents as stated by the university

    The following timeline is followed by the German universities for the admission process:

    Month Process
    August to January Applications for summer semester
    November to January Submit all the documents
    January to February Response is sent by the University
    February to March Summer semester starts
    March to July Applications for Winter semester
    April to May Submit all documents
    May to july Winter semester starts

    Scholarships to Study in Top Universities in Germany

    Students who want to reduce the financial burden while studying in Germany can apply for scholarships. Many scholarships are provided by the Universities, private foundations, Government etc.

    Some of the scholarships available for the international students in Germany are as follows:

    Scholarship Eligibility Award Application
    DAAD Scholarship Programs International Students with bachelor degree and at least 2 years of work experience 850 Euros for postgraduate, 1200 Euros for doctoral students Online Application
    Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships Domestic and International students pursuing any degree 850 Euros per month Online Application
    Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship Program Domestic and International Students 300 Euros per month Students can apply with the university they are admitted to
    Konard-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships International students pursuing postgraduate, doctoral and research 850 Euros per month for postgraduate students and 1100 Euros for doctoral students Online Application
    Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany International Students Depends on the University Apply through university
    Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships International students 830 Euros for Undergraduates, 850 Euros for Postgraduates Online Application

    Top Universities in Germany by ROI

    Pursuing a degree in Germany can be highly rewarding for your career. Students studying in top universities in Germany get jobs that are high paying. Some of the top universities in Germany that have a high ROI are as follows:

    Universities Annual Salary (in USD)
    Karlsruhe Institute of technology 56,000-125,000
    Technical University of Darmstadt 56,000-133,000
    TU Berlin 61,000-118,000
    TU Dresden 64,000-224,000
    University of Munchen 84,000-135,000
    University of Bonn 62,000-120,000
    University of Gottingen 158,000-221,000
    University of Tubingen 64000-138,000
    University of Mannheim 112,000-157,000
    University of Konstanz 155,000-179,000

    Getting admission into a German university can be highly rewarding for students. Students who want to pursue research as a career can opt for German universities. However, due to the resurgence in Covid-19 cases in Europe, getting a visa for Germany now can be a bit difficult and most of the universities are conducting online classes now.


    8.7 /10

    I applied in the month of February for my admission. I applied online for my master's program and no application fees were charged but a processing fee of €48 was given by me while applying for my master's program application. This university is ranked 41 and is a part of the top 50 global universities.

    Fees :

    My university was a public university, so there was no tuition fee but a student fee of €285 was submitted by me. Insurance was also taken by me which cost me around €1200. I received a scholarship from the university for my academic achievements and good character. I applied at my university with all the necessary documents and received €550 per semester.

    8.7 /10

    For admission, I had submitted my previous academic transcripts, TOEFL score, resume and an application fee of $70. The Technical University of Berlin is best known for its Computer science and engineering programs. I had done my bachelor's in computer science from this college itself. So I was keen on pursuing my Masters degree from here as well.

    Fees :

    There are no tuition fees at the University. Which also makes studying here pocket friendly. However, they charge monthly fees which are $700. Annually I pay around $8,500. I did not apply for any scholarship because the application date was closed till I got to know.

    8.5 /10

    After verifying my documents through Uni-assist, I applied for this program using the TUM online application portal. There was no application fee but I had to upload documents like degree certificates, academic records, letter of motivation, resume, standardised test scores, and passport. I wanted to study here because it is one of the top universities in Europe renowned for its research and interdisciplinary academic programs. The University also actively supports young scientists which I really liked.

    Fees :

    There are no tuition fees at my university which is one of the best parts of studying here. I am only required to pay a small fee of around €150 each semester. This amount consists of the basic student union fee and Semesterticket for the public transportation network. This semester fee is mandatory and exemption is only offered in case of extreme financial difficulty. Other than this various other scholarships and grants are offered on the basis of academic achievement.

    7.8 /10

    I used the application portal to enrol for my chosen program. There was no application fee here which was really great. My undergraduate professor suggested that I apply here after completing my bachelor’s degree program. It is mainly because it is the only German University with a national large-scale research sector. Moreover, it offers excellent study conditions with every student getting to participate in thrilling research projects which made me apply here.

    Fees :

    I paid a standard tuition fee of $1500 for my course along with a general students’ committee fee of $150. I had to pay the latter every semester. There are not many financial aid options available and exemption on paying tuition fees was offered only in case of extreme financial hardship.

    Top Colleges

    Sort ByPopularityAdmin RatingHighest FeesLowest Fees
    Bavaria, germany
    Bavaria, germany
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    Berlin, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    Berlin, germany
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    Baden-Wurttemberg, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    North Rhine-Westphalia, germany
    Schleswig-Holstein, germany
    Brandenburg, germany
    Hesse, germany