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IELTS Word Scapegoat
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IELTS Word of the Day increases the vocabulary and helps in using new words. It is important so that the students do not repeat the same words while speaking or writing. Word of the day for IELTS helps improve every and all sections of communication - listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This IELTS word Scapegoat contains meaning, synonyms and examples.

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IELTS Word Scapegoat

Meaning: A person who is blamed for something he/ she has not done or a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others.
Synonyms: whipping boy, victim, fall guy
Sentence 1: He could not get out of the situation as he was the scapegoat
Sentence 2: The ministry wanted to find a scapegoat to put the blames on
Sentence 3: Rohit is a decent man and does not deserve to be a political scapegoat
Sentence 4: The bank went bankrupt and hence, management is looking for a scapegoat to save their own skins
Sentence 5: The fans turned the goalkeeper into a scapegoat for the loss of the team.


Try to use this word “Scapegoat” and its synonyms to your writing
IELTS Speaking
Topic: Describe a restaurant you recently visited.
Model Answer

I love to eat and have been visiting different restaurants and shops. I visited a shop recently which made authentic chinese food. My friend suggested this restaurant as I love chinese food. At first I thought I was being a scapegoat if I followed his suggestion. I did not know the location of the restaurant. I looked up in google maps and found that the restaurant is located 5 kilometres away from my home. I still had the thought that my friend was playing a prank on me and I will be the fall guy. I took a taxi and visited the place. The restaurant was named Mainland China. It was located on the 4th floor of a mall. I went to the restaurant and was greeted with welcome drinks. The restaurant was very well decorated and maintained. I came to know that this was one of the best chinese restaurants. I was relieved at the fact that I was not a victim of a prank.The restaurant had a Chinese environment created inside. Different artefacts of Chinese decor were used to decorate the tables and the ceiling. The walls had paintings. I ordered dim sums and Peking duck. These are considered to be their signature dish. The food took 30 minutes as they prepared the food and provided it to the customers. I liked the fact that you always get fresh food. The food tasted good and was prepared in authentic Chinese style. They provided the food in baskets resembling Chinese culture. It was a very nice experience for the eye. We had the food and also ordered desserts. The desert was a normal one but it was pretty good. The manager and the staff were very well behaved. They were cordial, very empathetic and customer oriented. I loved the fact that we still have such well behaved people. The price is a bit on the higher side as they use authentic ingredients to prepare the food. The ambience and the feel is what people go for. I had a great time and will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

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Try to use this word “Scapegoat” and its synonyms to your writing
IELTS Writing
Topic: Space exploration costs a huge amount of money for taxpayers. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this.
Model Answer

Space exploration has been one of the main developing factors for any country. The countries who send more space ships might discover something that might shock the world. These space explorations need a lot of money and funds. These come from the taxpayers of the country. People pay a huge amount of tax which is increasing day by day. I believe that the taxpayers are used as a scapegoat for the money needed. They become the fall guy and spend a lot of money paying taxes. I understand that space exploration is required for any country. A huge amount of money is also required for these projects. The government requires money to sponsor and they get this money from taxpayers. The rich people of the country pay a lump sum amount of money as tax. These inturn are used for space explorations. However, the problems are faced usually by the middle class and the lower middle class people. They sometimes cannot take the burden of tax. I believe that these explorations should continue as it is required for the development of a country. However, the percentage of tax should be decreased for the middle class people. These families become the actual victims of the tax system established by the government. There are disadvantages of space exploration also. It costs millions of dollars to create a spacecraft. If these are not designed properly or have the slightest fault, they might explode. This will hamper space exploration and will cause the loss of a huge amount of money. When common people hear about such damages and failure, they think that their money goes to waste. Hence, we need to change this thought of the general people. Scientists are trying hard to make space explorations successful. However, when their money is involved, it will affect the people as it is their hard earned money. They think of themselves as scapegoats. I think that the people of the country should pay taxes but the amount should be minimal. The government needs money to fund different projects which will help with the development of the country. These will come from taxpayers but the amount should be minimum. This will benefit and will also keep the people happy.


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