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IELTS Word Acrimony
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IELTS Word helps to increase the vocabulary, phrases, and words that are important for the IELTS test. IELTS grammar is required in all four sections of the exam. Especially for the IELTS speaking and writing section, it is crucial to have a knowledge of different words and vocabulary. This particular IELTS word Acrimony comprises meaning, sentences, and one writing and speaking samples each.

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IELTS Word Acrimony

Meaning: having bitterness or ill feelings
bitterness, bad blood, enmity, malice

Sentence 1: Sanjeev’s mother filed for divorce, as she was unable to bear the acrimony of his father.
Sentence 2
Such an acrimony attitude is not acceptable in the company.
Sentence 3
The argument led to the acrimony between the Minister and the Royals.
Sentence 4
The acrimony grew between them due to the long-distance relationship.
Sentence 5
The journalist and their writings spread acrimony among people.

IELTS Speaking
Try to use the word “Acrimony” in your speaking

Topic: Describe an object you find particularly beautiful (e.g. a painting, sculpture, piece of jewelry/furniture, etc.).

You should say:

  • where the artwork/object is
  • how it was made
  • what it shows/looks like

Sample Answer:

There are quite a lot of things that I would like to talk about. The world is filled with different wonders. Whenever I travel, I feel happy observing those things. The family trip that we have is to New York. The first thing I went to see was the Statue of Liberty. It is situated exactly on Liberty Island in New York. It was giganormous. I felt that it is one of the most impressive and extremely beautiful sculptures that was ever made. This historical sculpture was a gift of France to the USA to forget the malice and remark on the centennial of liberty. Describing the statue is an honor. It is entirely made of copper and iron. My mother has acrimony towards it as she feels that the elements are not suitable for it. Coming back to the statue, as I remember the design was given by the famous Frederich Bartholdi while it is built by none other than the builder of the Eiffel Tower himself, Gustave Eiffel. Though due to bad blood USA had earlier tried to break the statue into several parts. This statue is a symbolic one with Lady Liberty. This was earlier known as the Liberty Enlightening the World. This is in the form wherein the robbed woman represents Libertas. Libertas is actually a Roman goddess. Describing the features, she is wearing a crown on her head, holds a book on her left arm and bears a torch on her right hand. The book that she is holding has the date of the independence of the USA. There is also a broken chain down her feet which resembles freedom. I feel this statue to be beautiful in all aspects, especially because it signifies so many things. I don’t think many people know about all these features but to me, this is exceptionally beautiful. The Statue of Liberty is also enlisted with the UNESCO World Heritage site. When I visited there were a limited number of people listed to the torch. It was a wonderful experience in total.

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IELTS Writing
Try to use the word “Acrimony” in your Writing

Topic: Research shows business meetings and business training is done online. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample Answer:

Business meetings these days are mostly online. Though few offices have opened up, most of the people are working from home. Also, due to the pandemic situation, people have made themselves comfortable working from home. Though this is a tedious job as we have to be online all the time, keeping in mind the work pressure forces people to work daily abided by the time boundaries. Coming to the topic, the research shows that the business meetings are mostly done through the internet or we call it online meetings. While we all believe that online business meetings are a bit lucrative for the owners or the managers. But a bunch of employees have been sacked, which is the reality, due to the inability to work online. Also, people are still adapting to the online work culture. But now the era is of technology, so most of the work is done online, starting from daily chores to education/ studies as well as work. I believe big businesses make profits, but the labor people go unnoticed. The job profiles like guards, managers, cleaners will certainly have acrimony with the Managers or directors of the company. Online business meetings and training help people to find new job opportunities. This way the malice can be reduced. The new job opportunities will subsequently bring help to fulfill the daily needs like food, clothes and shelter. Also, the urge to bring education equality might also enhance. Coming to another perspective of this online system which is the time management. This online thing is beneficial as it saves time, the travel cost, and more. The time saved can be used in learning new things. New things can include anything depending on the interest of an individual. As a result, the online business is making huge profits. Lastly, to conclude, I think depending on the situation the online business and meetings have their own pros and cons.


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