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Diagram Showing Small-Scope about the Production of Smoked Fish IELTS Writing Task 1
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The IELTS academic writing task 1 deals with info-graphic questions. The info-graphic questions in IELTS writing task 1 require candidates to write a summary or overview based on a diagram, a line graph or a bar graph in at least 150 words. This IELTS Academic writing task 1 shows a small-scope about the production of smoked fish. Candidates need to consider IELTS practice papers as part of their preparation for this section.

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Topic: You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.The diagram below shows the small-scope about the production of smoked fish.Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and making comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words


Model Answer 1

The illustrated diagram shows the production of smoked fish. According to the picture 7 steps are involved in the process excluding the exporting. Beginning with netting fish to packing to sell the fish product, the intricacies of the process is described below.
The first step basically involves snagging fish and cleansing of the raw fish, removing the outer skin of the fish and the other inedible portion of the fish. Then the fish is immersed in a beaker container salt solution i.e. salt and water for 30 minutes, so that the fish draws out the moisture of the fish and also to add flavor. Third step involves boiling the beaker for a short period of time, around 5 minutes. Fish are poured out as the 4th step, and subsequently the fish are subjected to drying up so as to proceed to the next step, step 5.
The dried fish now put in a vat containing water it is pertinent to note that the water need not be fully filled upto the top of the vat, the lid of the wooden vat is supposed to leave a gap then it is cooked for approximately 10 minutes with smoke, smoke apparently adds unique texture to the meat. Now fish are taken out and sprinkled with yellow coloring agent, Step 6 in general, is to add color to the fish. The last step involves packaging of fish in an airtight box, to avoid any kind of oxidation which can disturb the original taste of the fish and also oxidation causes the rotting of food. Lastly the packed product is out for delivery as shown in the diagram in a spacious truck.

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Model Answer 2

The dramatic representation illustrates the process of art of cooking a smoked fish in the small scale industry; however the large scale production of the same cuisine may vary.

The picture speaks of the 8 processes of cooking a smoked fish. The very first process of cooking is angling fish, followed by washing and cleansing of fish using any tool such as the picture shows the using of a knife for the same. The next step includes putting the cleaned fish in a beaker containing salt and water for approximately 30 minutes. This step is generally observed while cooking all meat so that the water inside the meat pours out and the salt molecules closes the pour and prevents the protein of meat from leaking. This process also sips the salt deep down the meat adding a salty flavor to the meat.
The fish is then boiled in a beaker containing fresh water for approximately 10 minutes. The next step i.e. 4th step is, by default, pouring out the fish from the salty solution and letting it dry in open air. The second last step is the most important step; the dried fish is then put in a wooden vat half filled with water and then boiled with the lid only half closed, the burner is burnt with the help of materials which produces smoke like coal so that the smoky texture to the fish can be added, the cooking need to be done for 10 minutes for optimum taste, hence the name Smoked fish.
Subsequent steps follow adding of the edible yellow color, to provide a yellowish color to the product. Finally the product is packed in an airtight container so as to avoid direct contact with the air and also sun. The air tight container also maintains a uniform temperature in the box. This step is a preservative measure more than just a packing product.
Finally the packed smoked fish, i.e. the packed fish is then loaded in a truck or a carrier vehicle to roll out the product in the market.

Model Answer 3

The above shown picture shows the intricacies of cooking smoked fish. According to the diagram there are 7 steps involved, excluding transportation, from arranging the raw fish to the packaging of the final product and transportation.
The very first step, obviously, is to arrange the raw fish from the market or netting it out from its natural habitat. Then according to the picture, the 2nd picture illustrates the cleaning of fish by removing its scales and slime, with the help of a knife as shown in the picture.
After cleaning, as the 3rd step, the cleaned fish is dipped in a beaker having a solution of salt mixed with water, this process is to observed for around 30 minutes, this process blocks the pores of meat avoiding protein to flow out of the meat, also the salt reaches deep inside the meat acting as a catalyst while cooking it directly over the stove. In the subsequent step the beaker is put over the burner for no more than 10 minutes, this process is a quickie. By default the next step is pouring out the fish from the beaker and drying it.
Special emphasis is to be given to the following step, step 5. The dried fish is put in a wooden vat, filled with water, leaving an area out from the reach of water from the top, the lid of the vat need to be half opened, boiling the fish for 10 minutes and the fire is to lit in such a manner that it produces sufficient amount of smoke as to provide the smoky texture, this process makes the cuisine finger licking. Now the fish is taken out from the vat, and according to the diagram the 6th step involves addition of edible yellow color to it.
The 7th step and final step is packing the yellow colored fish in a sealed box, so that the product is kept away from the immediate exposure of air, dust and human touch, this preservative step is the final step. Now the product, the packed yellow colored fish, is now loaded on a truck for transportation and making it available for the market.


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