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    | Updated On - Feb 18, 2022

    Italy is one of the most affordable European countries offering education to international students from across the world. The official currency of Italy is Euro. The mean tuition cost in the top universities of Italy is around 2000 Euro (~1.68 lakh INR). Prospective students willing to study abroad can expect to spend around 747 Euro (~62,900 INR) per month as the cost of living in Italy. The living cost of a family of 4 in Italy is around 2,635 Euro (~1.97 lakh INR) per month.

    The apartment rent in the main cities of Italy is around 451 Euro (~38,000 INR) per month. In the city outskirts, this cost is reduced to 591 Euro (~50,000 INR) per month. Additional costs of living in Italy include basic utilities, transportation, clothing, fitness, and childcare.

    Tuition Cost in Italy

    The average tuition cost at some of the top universities in Italy are as follows:

    University Tuition Cost in Euro Cost in INR
    University of Bologna 23,000-30,000 (Tuition fee exemption available for ISEE eligible students) 19.36 to 25.25 lakh
    University of Padua Humanistic: 2530 Scientific: 2623 Primary Teacher Education: 2945 Humanistic: 2.13 lakh Scientific: 2.21 lakh Primary Teacher Education: 2.48 lakh
    Sapienza University of Rome Developing countries: 500 Other Countries: 1000 Developing countries: 42,000 Other Countries: 84,000
    University of Milan 1st installment: 156 2nd installment: Variable 13,135
    University of Naples Federico II 1130 Euro per year 95,000
    University of Pisa 2,400 2 lakh
    University of Turin 22,000-30,000 18-25.25 lakh
    University of Trento 1,000-10,000 84,000-8.4 lakh
    University of Florence Bachelors: <1775 Masters: 1535 Bachelors: <1.5 lakh Masters: 1.29 lakh
    University of Genoa 887 74,600
    University of Rome Tor Vergata 1,000-2,500 Euro 84,000 to 2.1 lakh
    International School for Advanced Studies Bachelors: 1650-2800 Masters: 1341-2800 Bachelors: 1.38 to 2.35 lakh Masters: 1.12 to 2.35 lakh
    University of Pavia Fixed fee: 156 Variable fee: 0 to 4,463 Fixed fee: 13,133 Variable fee: 0-3.75
    University of Milan - Bicocca First Year: 0 Following Year: 500 or 600 First Year: 0 Following Year: 42,000-50,000
    Polytechnic University of Milan 3898,20 3.28 lakh

    Accommodation Cost in Italy

    The cost of living in Italy is comparatively lesser than the majority of European countries. The following table depicts the average cost of living in student housing in Italy.

    Accommodation Type Cost/ Rent Cost in INR
    1 Bedroom Apartment in City 591 Euro/ month 50,000 INR/ month
    1 Bedroom Apartment in City Outskirts 451 Euro/ month 38,000 INR/ month
    3 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre 1,013 Euro/ month 85,248 INR/ month
    3 Bedroom Apartment in City Outskirts 746 Euro/ month 62,782 INR/ month
    Apartment Price in City 3,100 Euro Per Square Meter 2.6 lakh INR/ Sq. mtr
    Apartment Price in Outskirts 1,912 Euro Per Square Meter 1,61 lakh INR/ Sq. mtr

    Cost of Meals in Italy

    The cost of various meals and beverages in Italy are tabulated below:

    Type of Meal Cost in Euro Cost in INR
    Inexpensive restaurant meal 15 1262
    Meal for 2 people in mid-range 55 4628
    McMeal at McDonald's 8 673
    Cappuccino 1.4 117
    Cold drinks 2.12 (0.33 ltr) 178
    Hard drinks 4-4.9 (0.33 ltr) 336-412

    Transport in Italy

    The transport infrastructure of Italy is quite modern. The country is extensively connected by a railway network. Along with intercity trains and high-speed trains, buses are common in Italy and are considered the alternative of railways. The following table depicts the average cost of transport in Italy:

    Transportation Cost in Euro Cost in INR
    One-way local transport ticket 1.5 126
    Monthly pass 35 2,945
    Taxi 5 Euro with 1.2 Euro per Km 420+84 per Km
    Premium Hatchback Car 23,000 19.35 lakh
    New Sedan 24,320 20 lakh
    Gasoline 1.62/ ltr 136

    Personal Expenses in Italy

    The personal expenses in Italy include basic utilities, telecom cost, internet bills, clothing, fitness, childcare, and shopping. Personal expenses in Italy are subjective to the necessities and interests of each individual. The estimated personal expenses in Italy are tabulated below:

    Type of Expense Cost in Euro Cost in INR
    Basic utilities (Electricity, garbage, heating, cooling and water) 162 per month 13,637 per month
    Internet (60 MBPS or more) 28.9 per month 2,432 per month
    Prepaid Mobile 0.11/ min (without discounts) 9.26 per min.
    Fitness Club 46.12 per month 3,882 per month
    Tennis Court 19.12 per month 1,609 per month
    Cinema 8.5 for 1 seat 716 for 1 seat
    Preschool childcare 443 per month 37,300 per month
    International primary school 10,230 per year 8.6 per year

    The average cost of clothing in Italy for international students is listed below.

    Type of Clothing Cost in Euro Cost in INR
    1 pair of jeans 75 6,314
    1 summer dress 31 2,610
    1 pair of running shoes 80 6,735
    1 pair of leather business shoes 107 9,010

    How to Reduce the Cost of Living in Italy

    The cost of living in Italy is reasonable but not inexpensive for the majority of the students emerging from countries with low exchange rates. To reduce the cost of studying in Italy, students can look for the following options:

    • Scholarships to study in Italy: International students can avail a plethora of scholarships in Italy offered by the Italian Government, universities, home country or external organizations. These scholarships provide total or partial tuition grants, living, travel and personal expenses.
    • Work while studying in Italy: Students can work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours a week while studying in Italy.
    • Transport: Students can use public transport instead of private transport options and share their ride with fellows to save money.
    • Housing: While staying off-campus, students can look for apartments in the city outskirts to reduce the cost of living by up to 50%.

    Overall, the cost of living in Italy is comparatively lower than big nations like USA and UK. The cultural heritage and architectural vista of the country provide a tranquil environment to pursue higher education in Italy.


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