Top Universities and Colleges in Canada- Ranking, Fees, Requirements, Scholarships

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    Home to over 150+ higher education institutions, Canada is one of the top study abroad destinations in the world. The exceptional quality and choice with 96 public Canada univerisities, 15,000+ study programs, the country offers it all to aspiring students. Canada has 3 of the top 20 best student cities in the world: Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Additionally, Students from around the world ranked Canada as 2nd most welcoming country for international students.

    Know more about Higher Education in Canada

    Canada is home to 10 of the top 250 universities in the world. Higher learning institutions in Canada range from small universities with intimate learning environments to large research-intensive universities with world-class reputations. Top Canadian universities are considered more affordable as compared to other popular study destinations like the UK and US. The average costs for an undergraduate degree is 32,000 CAD (~19.15 lakhs INR). PG courses can cost as low as 8,000 CAD (~4.79 lakhs INR).

    Top universities in Canada conduct research at one of the world’s highest rates. Canada’s thriving research culture exceeds the G7 average in terms of impact in the fields of clinical medicine, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, biology, information and communication technologies, earth and environmental sciences, and economics and business. Graduates from top universities in Canada are recognized for their critical thinking, research as well as leadership skills across a wide range of programs. 

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    Top Universities in Canada

    Canada is home to over 28 globally recognized universities in the world (QS World Rankings 2022). These universities are gaining popularity for their good teaching and excellent research facilities. Each top university in Canada is ranked at a certain level with the help of careful analysis of various parameters. A score is designated based on the university performance in the specific sector.

    The top ranking universities in Canada list as per QS 2022 rankings are discussed below along with rankings from other agencies:

    Universities QS Ranking (2022) THE Ranking (2022) U.S. News Ranking (2022)
    University of Toronto 26 18 16
    McGill University 27 44 51
    University of British Columbia 46 37 35
    University of Montreal 111 88 151
    University of Alberta 126 125 135
    McMaster University 140 80 133
    University of Waterloo 149 201-250 199
    Western University - Canada 170 - 294
    University of Ottawa 230 162 199
    University of Calgary 235 201-250 169
    Queen's University 240 251-300 412
    Dalhousie University 272 251-300 317
    Simon Fraser University 298 201-250 313
    University of Victoria 334 301-350 334
    Laval University 414 - 354
    University of Saskatchewan 458 501-600 510
    York University 494 401-500 456
    Concordia University Montréal 521-530 601-800 657
    University of Guelph 581-590 501-600 483
    University de Quebec 591-600 - 696
    Carleton University 601-605 601-800 481
    Memorial University of Newfoundland 751-800 601-800 675

    The top three universities in Canada are ranked among top 100 international schools and institutions worldwide. These continue to attract the academically elite to their highly respected and prestigious degree programs offered at various levels of education.

    Top Universities in Canada for Undergraduate Courses

    Pursuing a bachelor's degree abroad can be a hefty affair for an international student. However, with top universities in Canada performing exceptionally well internationally, the option of a lucrative future is opened in terms of both further education and job offers.

    Some of the top universities in Canada for pursuing UG courses as per Macleans are listed below. Schools in the given list largely focus on bachelor’s education and have relatively fewer PG courses

    Universities Student Satisfaction Ranks Top UG Courses
    Mount St. Vincent University 1 BSc and BA
    Mount Allison University 1 B.Comm, BEd, BSc
    Bishop’s University 2 B.Ed, BA, BBA
    Acadia University 4 Bachelor of CS, BBA, BEd
    University of Northern British Columbia 5 BSc, B.Comm, BSW
    St. Thomas University 6 BEd, BSW, BA
    St. Francis Xavier University 7 B.Ed
    Trent University 8 Bachelor of CS, BEd, BSc
    Lethbridge University 10 B.Ed, BSN, Bachelor of Management
    St. Mary’s University 15 B.Ed, BA
    Lakehead University 17 Bachelor of Com Sc., BSc, BBA
    Ontario Tech 14 BEd, Bachelor of IT
    University of Prince Edward Island 12 B.Ed, BSc, BBA
    Laurentian University 19 BEd, BSW, BBA

    Unlike India, undergraduate courses with top Candian universities last for four years. This allows you to pursue further education in any of the foreign countries requiring a four-year bachelor’s degree from a masters applicant. Additionally, UG courses at universities in Canada can cost 6 to 22 lakhs INR per annum depending on the choice of university and course.

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    Top Universities in Canada for PG Diploma

    PG Diploma is one of the most popular courses in Canada. With universities offering a pool of colleges focusing on diploma education, an international student can never run out of options.

    PG diploma courses can last for 1 to two years. Given below is a list of top colleges in Canada for pursuing diploma courses is given below:

    PG diploma courses are a short-cut to bright career opportunities and getting a work permit in Canada. As these courses offer hands-on training and internship and are vocational in nature, it makes it easier for international students to make a career of their choice after completing their graduate diplomas from top universities in Canada.

    Top Universities in Canada for Postgraduate Courses

    There is a wide range of courses offered at PG level to those who wish to pursue their higher education in Canada. Based on the choice of stream the top universities in Canada may vary. However, given below is a list of top universities in Canada for pursuing masters degree programs along with the basic fees of pursuing masters with these universities.

    University Popular Masters Program Fees for Masters Courses (CAD/year)
    UToronto Full-time MBA 55,000
    UBC MSc Computer Science 8,592
    McGill University M.Management- Analytics 18,110
    McMaster University MSc Computer Science 17,093
    University of Montreal Full-time MBA 24,558
    University of Alberta MBA Finance 9,456
    University of Ottawa EMBA 25,718
    University of Calgary MBA 14,084
    University of Waterloo MSc Data Science & Artificial Engineering 117,500
    Western University MBA 14,538

    Having discussed some of the top universities for Masters in Canada, let us look at popular masters courses and the respective top universities offering the program.

    Top Universities in Canada for MBA

    MBA Abroad has its own charm among the international student population. Canada is one such study destination that makes it to the list of popular options for MBA aspirants. Some of the top business schools in Canada offer both 1 and 2 year MBA options.

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    Some of the top universities in Canada for pursuing your MBA course are listed below along with the fees of the course.

    University Name Business School/Duration of Program Tuition Fee(CAD/year)
    University of Toronto Rotman School of Management (2 year) 55,000
    McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management (1 year to 20 months) 43,800
    Queen’s University Smith School of Business (1 year) 89,000
    University of Western Ontario Ivey Business School (1 year) 110,000
    York University Schulich School of Business (16-20 months) 48,929
    University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business (16 months) 58,700
    University of Alberta Alberta School of Business (20 months) 20,000
    Concordia University John Molson School of Business (16 months) 38,000
    HEC Montreal Department of Business (1 year) 46,000
    Dalhousie University Rowe School of Business 40,500
    McMaster University DeGroote School of Business (28 months) 41,000
    Brock University Goodman School of Business (2 years) 28,900
    Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business (16 months) 69,900
    University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management (1 year) 51,000
    Saint Mary’s University Sobey School of Business (16 months) 43,000
    Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business and Economics (1 year) 11,553
    University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business (2 years) 30,076
    University of Calgary Haskayne School of Business (2 years) 53,116
    University of Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business (2 years) 47,883
    University of Manitoba Asper School of Business (2 years) 27,919

    Note: The fees mentioned are rounded off figures, applicants must visit the university website to check out the current fees of the program.

    Top Universities in Canada for MS

    MS in Canada offers a variety of specializations to choose from and can last for up to 2 years. Top universities in Canada for MS courses are discussed below with their annual fees.

    University Annual Tuition Fee (in CAD)
    University of Toronto (U of T) 37,897
    University of British Columbia (UBC) 8,592
    McGill University 18,110
    McMaster University 17,093
    Universite de Montreal 24,558
    University of Alberta 9,465
    University of Ottawa 25,718
    University of Waterloo 14,084
    Western University 117,500
    University of Calgary 14,538

    Apart from MS in Canada, Engineering and Computer Science are among the popular choices of those who wish to pursue masters courses in Canada.

    Top Universities in Canada for Engineering

    Top engineering schools in Canada offer a range of specializations like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, automotive, software, chemical, environmental, engineering management, and more.

    Top universities in Canada for pursuing engineering courses are listed below as per the US News subject ranks and scores:

    University Global Subject Score
    U of T 73.3
    University of Waterloo 73.2
    UBC 71.7
    UAlberta 69.6
    McGill University 67.0
    University of Montreal 59.9
    Concordia University 59.2
    University of Calgary 56.7
    University of Ontario Tech 55.8
    University of Ottawa 52.4

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    Top Universities in Canada for Computer Science

    With a continuous growth and evolution of CS-IT, there is an ongoing need for innovative computer scientists who can develop new and better ways for using systems. With plenty of CS colleges in Canada to choose from it can become overwhelming trying to find the best school for yourself.

    Given below are some of the top universities to study in Canada for Computer Science as per the US News subject ranks and scores:

    University Global Subject Scores
    U of T 75.7
    University of Waterloo 72.5
    UBC 70.5
    University of Montreal 64.6
    University of Alberta 59.4
    McGill University 58.5
    Simon Fraser University 51.5
    McMaster University 47.5
    Concordia University 46.0
    University of Ottawa 45.6

    Having pursued a CS course opens doors to high paying jobs in Canada. International applicants must note that unlike the US universities, many top universities in Canada offer admission to CS courses without GRE scores.

    Top Universities in Canada for Doctoral Courses

    PhD in Canada is usually a 4-year course, however, students are allowed to complete it in a maximum time frame of 6-years. Pursuing doctorate courses from top universities in Canada is as cheap as 4000 CAD a year. Hence, apart from offering great research opportunities, colleges and universities in Canada also offer cheaper doctoral programs.

    Discussed below is the list of top universities in Canada for PhD programs along with the most popular course subject.

    University Fees (CAD/year) Popular PhDs
    University of Toronto 4,500 to 8,900 CS, Epidemiology, Psychology
    University of British Columbia 8,700 Economics, Psychology, English
    McGill University 19,000 Psychology, Social Work, Economics
    McMaster University 16,000 Business, Economics, Mechanical Engineering
    University of Montreal 7,500 Economics, CS, Political Science
    University of Alberta 9,200 CS, Education, Management
    University of Ottawa 6,900 Economics, Management, Law
    University of Calgary 12,600 Business, Education, Economics
    University of Waterloo 13,400 Accounting, Public Health
    Western University 11,180 Psychology, Political Science, Education

    Some of the popular doctoral degrees in Canada and the top offering universities are discussed below:

    Stream Popular Universities
    Natural Sciences & Mathematics U of T, McMaster, McGill, UAlberta, University of Calgary
    Social Sciences U of T, UAlberta, University of Montreal, McMaster
    Humanities U of T, McMaster, McGill
    Medicine & Health U of T, UBC, McGill, uOttawa, UAlberta, University of Calgary
    Business & Management UBC, McGill, UAlberta, University of Calgary
    Engineering & Technology U of T, UBC, McGill, uOttawa
    Computer Science & IT U of T, McMaster, McGill
    Agriculture & Forestry U of T, UAlberta, University of Montreal
    Applied Sciences UBC, U of T, McGill, uOttawa
    Environment and Earth Sciences U of T, University of Waterloo

    To pursue doctoral courses from universities in Canada you must have a master's degree in a related field, with strong grades and proven research ability and potential.

    Top Universities in Canada by Employability

    The QS ranks various universities for their graduate employability. Top Canadian universities ranking for graduate employability are discussed below:

    University Graduate Employability Rankings
    University of Toronto 21
    University of Waterloo 24
    Western University 43
    McMaster University 81
    University of Alberta 99
    Queen’s University at Kingston 101-110
    University of Calgary 131-140
    University de Montreal 191-200
    Laval University 201-250
    Carleton University 301-500
    Concordia University 301-500
    Dalhousie University 301-500
    Simon Fraser University 301-500
    University of Victoria 301-500

    The university of graduates from these top universities in Canada are often offered lucrative and high-paying jobs and career opportunities of a lifetime.

    Admission to Top Universities in Canada

    The basic admission criteria for getting into top universities in Canada are:

    The timeline for sending in your applications to top universities in Canada are discussed below:

    Month Details
    September/October Fill in online application form
    January/February Submit all the required documents
    March - May Response is sent by the university
    May - July Apply for and obtain a student visa to Canada
    September Orientation session, program commences

    Admission to top universities is often difficult, however, with well written SOPs, personal statements, or statements of interest and excellent LORs you can make up for the average grades.

    Scholarships to Study in Top Universities in Canada

    To reduce the financial burden, students can apply to scholarship programs for international students initiated by the Government of Canada.

    Scholarship Eligibility Award Application
    Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Canadian and Foreign citizens $54,219 per year (taxable) Registration at Canadian Common CV and ResearchNet Account
    Queen’s University International Scholarship India Indian applicants with 80% or more $15,314 No application required
    Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program Students from Caribbean Countries pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs 4 months: $5,576; 5-6 months: $7,513; 8 months: $11,386 Canadian institutes register at ‘International Scholarships Canada Application Tool’ for eligible students
    Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) Students from ASEAN countries 5-6 months: $8,675; 8 months: $11,153 Scholarships Canada Application Tool’ for eligible students
    UBC International Major Entrance Scholarship UG applicant for UBC with high academic grades Variable No application required
    Queen’s University International Scholarships For international students with higher academic grades $6,969 No application required

    Check more scholarships to study in Canada, here!

    Top Universities in Canada: ROI

    The ROI of top universities in Canada are discussed in details below:

    Universities Salaries (CAD/year)
    U of T 119,000 to 301,000
    UBC 102,000 to 243,000
    McGill University 95,000 to 150,000
    UWO 112,000 to 114,000
    uWaterloo 89,000 to 247,000
    Queen’s University 86,000 to 144,000
    University de Montreal 50,000 to 150,000
    UVic 79,000 to 140,000
    uOttawa 55,00 to 163,000

    Return on interest for international students may vary as their investments are slightly higher than domestic applicants.

    The recent stringency in the student permit policies and the ongoing pandemic has resulted in a lower number of visas issued. This only means greater competition and best minds having the chance to complete their education in Canada.The facets of pursuing higher education with top universities in Canada are numerous including reputation, research facilities, teaching excellence, and much more. In turn, all these things together make Canada the popular study abroad destination it is.


    7.7 /10

    I did my graduation in Pharmacy from Delhi University, and during my career counselling session, I came to know about it and decided to do my master’s from here. I prepared for one year and then applied over here. My application fee was $125, which I paid through my debit card. My university ranks between 201-250, as per University Ranking, THE (Times Higher Education) 2021.

    Fees :

    My MSc program was of two years and for each year, I paid a tuition fee of around $22,400. My insurance was of $756 and books and textbooks costed me nearly $2,100. I received a scholarship of $5,000, for which I filled the required form and submitted necessary documents like financial statements.

    7.7 /10

    I decided to go to business sector in class 12th, so I started to prepare accordingly. I started preparing during my bachelor’s degree because I wanted to do MBA from abroad. I worked hard to crack GMAT and IELTS examination. I applied at several universities and received offer letter from this university and two others. I selected this university to do MBA because my university ranks among the top 40 universities, according to Global Universities, US News & World Report 2021. I applied through the official website of my university and paid $145 as application fee.

    Fees :

    My program’s fee structure was quite long. An average amount of $67,500 was my tuition fee, $1,300 was my student fee, $1,200 was paid by me as building fee, $300 was society fee, and global immersion experience fee was $3,750. My textbooks were worth $2,250. I also took a medical service plan of $900. My university offers both merit and need-based scholarships. We just had to apply for it by filling an application form and submit required documents. I received a merit scholarship worth $10,000.

    8.0 /10

    What i love about University of Ottawa that it is bilingual campus, it has as many english programs as in French. Its also multi cultural, and lots of diversity of students. We can be connected with students all over.

    Campus Life :

    At the university of Ottawa, they have all the resources available. They also have mental health services, which i appreciate. They have conferences online, through which we can connect with people of your course of study. In my undergrad at Queen's there were many resources available for students both on campus and off campus. A lot of organizations with which we can be connected, like I was connected with Arts and Science. In university of Ottawa there are exchange programs in France.


    KoI confronted a few difficulties to get a confirmation at this college. I couldn't partake in my school life as I needed to score all-around well and the same goes for my graduation. I likewise rehearsed hard to clear IELTS and GMAT. My application charge was $120 and the application interaction was absolutely on the web. My college is one of the top colleges on the planet. The MBA program was chosen by me since I am an alumnus in this field and needed to layout my vocation in it.

    Fees :

    My program was for around two years and for one year, my program's educational expense was $66,000. My protection cost me $750, and reading material was around $2,000. I was not granted any grant, so I took an understudy loan from my country

    Top Colleges

    Sort ByPopularityAdmin RatingHighest FeesLowest Fees
    Ontario, canada
    • M.B.A₹39.06L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 660 | TOEFL 100
    • M.Sc Computer Science₹16.06L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 309 | TOEFL 93
    British Columbia, canada
    Quebec, canada
    • M.B.A₹60.97L/Yr

      Course Duration : 16 months

      GMAT 670 | IELTS 7 | PTE 65
    • M.Mgmt Analytics₹35.56L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1 year

      GMAT 660 | IELTS 6.5 | PTE 65
    Ontario, canada
    • M.Sc Computer Science₹10.34L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      TOEFL 88 | PTE 60
    • M.B.A₹27.48L/Yr

      Course Duration : 28 months

      GMAT 600 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 60
    Quebec, canada
    • M.B.A₹28.15L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1 year

      GMAT 630 | TOEFL 85
    • M.S Computer Science₹11.96L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 308 | TOEFL 85
    Alberta, canada
    • M.B.A₹18.15L/Yr

      Course Duration : 20 months

      GMAT 550 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 61
    • M.Eng Mechanical Engin...₹11.35L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 310 | TOEFL 93 | PTE 61
    Ontario, canada
    • M.B.A₹39.55L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1 year

      GMAT 570 | IELTS 7 | PTE 60
    • M.C.S₹18.34L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 310 | IELTS 6.5 | PTE 60
    Alberta, canada
    • M.B.A₹22.61L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 600 | IELTS 7 | PTE 60
    • M.Mgmt₹16.27L/Yr

      Course Duration : 10 months

      GRE 309 | IELTS 7 | PTE 60
    Ontario, canada
    British Columbia, canada
    • M.B.A₹32.07L/Yr

      Course Duration : 16 months

      GMAT 620 | TOEFL 93 | PTE 65
    • M.Sc Computing Science₹11.2L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 300 | TOEFL 88 | PTE 65
    Ontario, canada
    • M.B.A₹76.55L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1 year

      GMAT 680 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 70
    • M.Sc Management₹42.87L/Yr

      Course Duration : 16 months

      GMAT 680 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 70
    Nova Scotia, canada
    Ontario, canada
    • M.Sc Computing Science₹11.92L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      TOEFL 88 | PTE 65
    • M.B.A₹78.21L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1 year

      GMAT 600 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 65
    Quebec, canada
    Manitoba, canada
    • M.Sc Computer Science₹7.38L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 550 | TOEFL 86 | PTE 61
    • M.B.A₹15.73L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 550 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 61
    British Columbia, canada
    Ontario, canada
    • M.B.A₹34.34L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 550 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 60
    • Master Business Analyt...₹32.15L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1 year

      GMAT 550 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 60
    Ontario, canada
    Saskatchewan, canada
    • M.B.A₹33.42L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 500 | IELTS 6.5 | PTE 63
    • M.Sc Computer Science₹4.93L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 308 | IELTS 6.5 | PTE 63
    Ontario, canada
    • M.B.A₹19.81L/Yr

      Course Duration : 16 months

      GMAT 550 | IELTS 6.5 | PTE 60
    • M.B.A Business Analyti...₹36.31L/Yr

      Course Duration : 1.5 years

      GMAT 550 | IELTS 6.5 | PTE 60
    Quebec, canada
    • M.B.A₹20.96L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 580 | IELTS 7 | PTE 61
    • M.C.S₹10.51L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      TOEFL 90 | PTE 61
    Ontario, canada
    • M.Mgmt₹19.31L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 600 | TOEFL 83 | PTE 68
    • M.B.A₹15.86L/Yr

      Course Duration : 14 months

      GMAT 550 | TOEFL 100 | PTE 68
    Newfoundland & Labrador, canada
    • M.B.A₹3.93L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 590 | TOEFL 92 | PTE 58
    • M.Sc Management₹2.78L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 600 | TOEFL 92 | PTE 58
    Quebec, canada
    NewBrunswick, canada
    • M.B.A₹7.13L/Yr

      Course Duration : 20 months

      GRE 309 | TOEFL 93 | PTE 59
    • M.Sc Electrical and Co...₹4.01L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 309 | TOEFL 93 | PTE 59
    Ontario, canada
    Saskatchewan, canada
    • M.Sc Computer Science₹8.12L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GRE 328 | TOEFL 70 | PTE 59
    • M.B.A₹21.35L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 500 | TOEFL 80 | PTE 59
    Ontario, canada
    • M.B.A₹20.68L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      GMAT 560 | TOEFL 85 | PTE 58
    • M.Sc Computer Science₹15.51L/Yr

      Course Duration : 2 years

      TOEFL 85 | PTE 58
    Ontario, canada
    Nova Scotia, canada